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Smashed Ma Car :(


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god damn ... my poor n/a gts ....

everybody is ok ....

corner wasnt marked ..hit a guard rail at around 30odd km/hr head on ..well ...maybe at a 20 degree angle... front of car looks pretty rooted ...she still runs, i drove her out of the middle of the road...

from what i saw it needs:


front bar

binker set



front d/s quater panel

new tyres

suspension work

steering arm was pretty skrewed too.

front drivers side wheel was up against the firewall..

have i missed anything?

prob stuffed up sumthin else on the inside...but thats bout it

The towie told me it would be upwards of 12gs to get it fixed (this is him quoting in the dark from what he saw..anybody want to price it up for me from the above information?)

Its insured for $14000 with justcar .... just wondering if that sounds like a writeoff or not? ...id really like to keep it.

Has anybody had similar experiences? if so would you care to share?

Just when i was going to get engine work and new shoes for her...ugh .... oh yeah..i wont be able to pay for anything till i get my credit card back too ...figured out i lost it yesterday because my wallets falling apart ..

maybe its a sign telling me not to have anything done to the car...?? ...maybe its a sign telling me im not supposed to have it? ...

ARRRGH!!!,......y do u feel so shit after accidents!





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good to hear your ok dude.

i doubt it'd be a write off but you could probably get a panel beater to over price the parts and panels (go somewhere thats notoriously expensive like queen st. smash)

if you're handy with tools you could probably repair it yourself. so get a quote, get them to write you a cheque, and then dont go back to the place, just buy the parts and do it yourself. you'll make a fair amount of $$.

but you wont have any kind of warranty if you decide to do that.

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That's really bad news... sorry to hear! As others have said, get a few quotes then do a self-assessment of whether or not it is viable to fix up.

Maybe it's an oppurtunity to upgrade :)

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thanks guys...hmm ... they were going to go tow it to mascot for assesment, apparently thats where they all go to get checked out.... i dont think theyll let me do a self assesment will they?

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it doesnt look to bad, it wouldnt be a write off, but seeing they go by new parts and its only insured for 14k then it may be a problem. just go to the wreckers source second hand parts, i saw someone on the forums in the for sale section is selling a series 2 front end in white, that is you SOLUTION!!


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Thanks guys...

Its going to chipping norton tomorrow now to be assessed.

I think theyre called allstate repairs or sumthing?

Thanks for the heads up MR R33. Wonder if theyll fit second hand parts I purchase?

Can anybody reccomend a reparier?

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Your insurer will either repair the car or write it off . If they write it off they will pay you the sum insured ( if its agreed value ) less any excess.

If they deside to repair it they will pay the repairer NOT you .

If they deside to write it off you can make them an offer to buy it or go to the auction and bid on it , if you are the highest bidder its yours .

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I dont believe this!? ...

i get a call from the peoples looking after my car and they recieved 2 quotes.

1 quote from some guy in punchbowl for $20k to fix the car

and the other from bankstown for $9800 ....


what am i going to get for $20k? ...a 2.6 DETT!? WTF?

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