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Eoi Ap Racing Brake Kits


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How many people would be interested in AP racing brake kits for their Stageas?

They do Skyline kits that use:


AP racing 4 pot callipers

DBA 5000 series rotors

Mounting Brackets

Braded hoses

RRP $2,900


AP racing 4 pot callipers

DBA 4000 series rotors

Mounting brackets

Braded hoses


I would get a set to fit on my car first to make sure it all fits on and works correctly.

I have not spoken the importer about it yet but should be able to organise a reasonable saving.

I would like to get an idea on how many would seriously be interested before

talking to them.

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God dam, stupid car, eats the money :)

Count me in, what caliper is it? CP5200?

Also, I think you left out the fact that it comes with Ferodo DS2500...right?

Get back to me about the best prices you can get, then ill see how I can shift funding.

Would be great if you test them out first, as I have to buy new wheels if i want new brakes.... +1500$ for me... so lets try to get those prices down heaps :)

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no thanks. I know how good Ap gear is,but for that price,it's just not feasible for me. I'd fit GTR brembos (especially as I already have a pair of R34 rear lined up) with two piece project mu discs up front,ferodo pads all 'round and would still have enough cash left over for a cheap set of wheels and half decent tyres to go over the top of them.

thanks for the offer though.


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AP 4's are an improvement over Brembo 4's but nothing drastic, hence they go for the 6 pots....which the kits are ~5k

Though, AP 4's will be a BIG improvement over the crappy 2 piston floaters.

The difference between the AP kit and brembos is that brembos are used..unknown conditoons, expensive to rebuild etc.

AP's are BRAND NEW, warranty etc etc

Make your own choice really.

Full Brembo set of calipers ~1500

Discs to suit ~1000

Pads ~500

braided lines ~400

So thats $3400 there


Kit ~2900

GTST rears/Discs/pads ~200/400/200

Same price really....

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bugger bugger bugger, i would have been in for sure, except i got r34 brembo calipers brand new and dba 5000 rotors, which aint cheap :) got some r32 gtr 4 spot rear calipers and dba 4000 rotors for rears also, so im all set, but....

the AP racing ones are a bargain, and definately better value than brembos :)



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And sti brembo's fit  skylines???

if so very interesting ... might have stopping power sooner than l thought.

sorry STAGEN, I don't know. You can probably dummy fit them and see if it works, or take the measurements of mounts and see if they match a skyline offset. If you try it, and it works out, let us know :(

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