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R33 Gt-r - All Dash Warning Lights On

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Hi all

The guy who bought Golgo has asked be about a problem he's been having...

He noticed all the system warning lamps (HICAS, 4WD, A-LSD, ABS) on the dash came on. He stopped the car - turned it off and on again, and all was fine. It happened again about a week later - but this time they stayed on.

He did a brake test and a launch and said it seemed that neither ABS nor the front torque split was working.

Any thoughts?

I never had anything like this happen when I owned the car.

Have told him to reset the ECU (battery disconnect - press brake twice - battery reconnect) but just thought it would be worth asking.



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Does the GTR use the abs sensors to see how fast the wheels are spinning? If so maybe one of them are playing up....

Sorry not sure, just taking a guess. I'm sure someone smarter than me will know...

bump :blink:

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yes the abs sensor act as wheel speed sensors for the 4wd too.

james, if he has the problem again try and get him a CD copy of the workshop manual and show him how to run the fault diagnosis so he can pinpoint the problem.

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