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Item(s) available via the group buy: Any fuel reg, fuel pump, fuel filter, relay harness and Y fitting made my MagnaFuel. This includes their Pro Star, Outlaw, Pro Outlaw, Pro Tuner and Quickstar range made by them.

Required number of buyers: At least 10 buyers must express their interest with the product they would like.

Current number of buyers: 0

Buyers who have paid a deposit: 0

Price and price conditions: I will just post a few example as I would not order anything until I get 10 buyers.

MFP9940 - 4 port reg, 2000hp $400... RRP; $499

MFP4501 - Fuel Pump $575... RRP; $699

These prices would more than likely be cheaper once I have a few buyers interested. As mentioned, this includes ANY MagnaFuel range, including Carburetor.

Import considerations: All prices quoted include GST. I will confirm prices at the end of the group buy period. I cannot see them being much higher but if they are lower than I will pass any savings onto you.

Insurance considerations: There will be no need for insurance for these products. They will be sent from the supplier (within Australia) to my with a tracking number. Once they reach me than I can have the items insured though Australia Post and have them tracked to prevent and damage or possibility of 'theft'.

Proof of Insurance: N/A at this point in time. Once I get my ABN than I will post that up for your piece of mind.

Extra Info: Best method of payment will be via Direct Deposit into my bank account. Don't worry. I won't be doing the Omar on you.

Pictures: Pictures and product information can be found at the MagnaFuel home page.


If you have any questions than please feel free to ask me. It may be beneficial to the thread and other potential buyers if you post the question on the thread so save people asking the same question.

Contact Details:

Mobile: 0405 171 451

Email: [email protected]

Location: North Sydney

Delivery & Conditions of Delivery: Once orders are placed than you are more than welcome to pick the items up. They can also be sent anywhere at your expence, which honestly shouldn't be too much. A tax invoice will also be sent to you by me.



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Prices on some products;

Single Relay Harness: $33

Dual Relay Harness: $88


MP-9940 - $400 (ProStar 4 port reg 2000hp)

MP-9950 - $365 (ProStar 2 port reg 2000hp)

Mp-9925 - $245 (QuickStar 2 port reg 700hp)

Fuel Pumps;

MP-4102 - $1350 (ProStar EFI 1500hp)

MP-4303 - $950 (ProTuner EFI 2000hp)

MP-4301 - $900 (ProTuner EFI 1500hp)

MP-4302 - $820 (ProTuner EFI 1000hp)

Cannot find RRP at this point in time.

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