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at the moment im in the process of fixing all the problems associated with fixing a cracked ringland.

assuming there are light scratches ill need a honing tool to get the bore back in working order.

does anyone know where i could get my hands on one?

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yeah your local repco will have one.

You shove it on the end of a drill and shove it down the bore.

But.....don't do it! Have a proper machine shop prepare your block, you need to get it:

Chemical cleaned


Measured for straightness/decked

Honed and measured for piston clearance (need the pistons and rings to)

Ring end gap checked

Crank checked, xrayed and bearing clearances checked.

Its very cheap considering how much work they do just a couple of hundred. Get the rods checked, shot preened and get everything balanced at the same time

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im not going all out on the engine mate.

my brother in law is a mechanic and is more than capable of doing the work.

im only going to repair it.

if i hone it im just going to replace the bearings and rings.

everything is staying stock.

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