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  1. Absolutely, if you're not spooling diesel you're not doing it right.
  2. I am 99% sure it's in the valley under the plenum, I"ll have a look when I go in as I have the plenum off already. As for your code question sorry can't help you there, I do not use the stock ecu and I've never scanned it.
  3. I'm sure the above is right but I can check my o2 sensor for a part number next time I go to my workshop, I have 2 sitting on a shelf.
  4. Intercooler piping time, excuse the mess around my car. I will acid and clean up all the welds and polish the pipes a bit but that will happen much much later. This is mostly it for the intercooler pipes, I still need to roll a bead on the end of the pipes for the silicone joiners, weld on flanges for the blow off valves and weld on bungs for water meth injection nozzles
  5. I moved onto the radiator and intercooler, seeing as my turbos are at the front a radiator wouldn't fit in the stock position so I got a universal radiator that fits under the radiator panel. It's a fairly small radiator but it obviously needs to be to fit under the panel and it's really thick and dual pass. I chopped off the filler neck, had to weld some legs on the bottom (it now mounts into the stock AC slots using stock skyline lower radiator rubbers), also had to weld some tabs on the top so I could mount some rubber mounts on the top. Don't really have any pics installed except for the last one here showing the intercooler but it fits nicely and makes the engine bay look a lot cleaner. I still need to tidy it up and clean the tabs I cut off the bottom. This is more or less my first time welding aluminium so don't judge me too much. My new core + ends tanks (one is missing as I already started welding it) A few hours later and I have this Mock up install, I test fit the front bumper support as well and it's a close fit I just need to trim about 20mm where the intercooler sits as it's too thick, the width is what I was more concerned about where I have the 2x 90 degree pipes up the top, there is about 10mm clearance between them and the brackets for the front bumper support so everything is good. You can't tell from this picture but the intercooler is on quite an angle, the angle follows those headlight motor supports so the bottom is tucked in quite a bit. I have been working on the intercooler piping as well, I'll update this next time when all the piping is complete from the turbos and to the inlet.
  6. 30ed32

    Car drawings

    Obviously not photography but there was no other section to post this.. just thought I would share some drawings my wife has done
  7. If it has spark and fuel then your timing is probably wrong one way or another, I've seen it before where people have snapped the half moon in the CAS and don't put it back in the right place. Take your CAS off and see if the half moon is still in tact and make sure you slide it back in at the proper position.
  8. Progress update pic Plan is to do intercooler and piping next
  9. Can't really comment on real world results, but after a lot of research I ended up getting falken RT615k+ they come in 255/40/17 and at the time seemed to be the best price wise to grip ratio and also apparently good in the wet, if I didn't care about wet performance at all then I might've chosen something else. I don't have them on my car yet so I don't know what they're really like.
  10. It really is a test of my patience, when I first started this project I was pretty fast and hard but I thought I should do it right and do it once. I don't plan on selling it or making money or whatever so I'm just doing it all as best as I can for myself.
  11. Thanks I appreciate it. I knew the single would give me the power I wanted, but it wouldn't have looked as nice and I would of had to make some holes and chop up things on the body to run the piping. That's why I call it the slow 180sx.. mainly because of how slow the build is, hopefully it's not too slow when it's on the road. If I can get it running and tuned by the end of the year I'll be very happy, unfortunately my work will take me out the country off and on for 3 months at the end of the year so maybe I won't see it running this year.
  12. Lots of sanding and polishing and touching up the welds to get the smooth look. Thanks, I wish a had a magical source as well. The more I work on this thing and the more custom bits I make I really just wish I could buy some of this stuff off the shelf. It would make more sense to spend the money on something rather than the huge amount of time it takes. Yes all tig welded, I also have a gas/gasless mig which is also setup for flux core at the moment. It's good for the more industrial stuff and it's a lot quicker as well, too bad it's so messy and a bit annoying when you have the clean the weld if you want to weld over a section again. A bottle and .6mm will definitely be a step in the right direction, tig is too much of an investment unless you're going to be using it all the time.
  13. Hopefully these pictures make sense. Basically it all started out as 3inch stainless pipe and some flat sheet, the pipe was cut in half down the length of the pipe and the sheets filled in the top and bottom gap. While it takes time, not a huge amount of skill is required, I am definitely not a metal sheet worker.
  14. Rail from: http://www.vpw.com.au/Category/Index/473109 The intake is stainless and I made it.
  15. Exhaust manifolds done And everything is purge welded for the extra 50hp
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