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Just Bought A R33


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Gday eveyone, my name is Andrew or Drew.

As of last night i now own a R33 skyline GTS-T :( , so i have become a member on this forum. Just looking around you guys have some good info on this forum and as mines fairly stock, ill be hopeing to do some mods latter down the track.

The first mods will be fixing the stock EBC and the fuel pump. (Wont have to spend any money on these)

Ill be hopeing too join some car cruises to. So yeh if you see a White R33 around Vic Park its probably ME.


Ill get some pics up soon.

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Hey Drew,

Welcome and hope to see you at some events soon.

Just as a heads up, if yours was made in Nov 1995 it'll actually be classed as a series 1.5!!! Between the series 1 and series 2 (late 1995) nissan decided to put some of the improved bits going into the series 2 into the last of the series 1's. So yours should have series 1 headlights, dash etc but will have a series 2 ecu, coilpacks. Doesn't sound like much but these things are different...ie series 1 coilpacks won't fit in your car etc :(

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Black_CSR- I keep a look out for you.

I have actually herd about a series 1.5 but didnt really look into it. And havent relized that mine is one. What is the advantage of the series 2 ecu and coil packs??

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Don't know exact specifics but the series 2 ecu has a better tune etc. I believe the diff in coilpacks is that series 1's have an ignitor above each coil whereas the series 2 has a remote one.

All i do know is that when manufacturers make these kinda changes it is to improve the replaced part for whatever reason.

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Ok thanks ant95GTR..

Hopefully I will be at the next Cruise.

Im already thinking about getting the exhaust done all the way through.. Currently has 3inch SS cat back. Are those group buy? dump and front pipes the best way togo?

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