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Rb25 Box In Ceff


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hey guys thinking of putting a 25 box in the ceff

ok i know i will need a 25 box + tailshaft, is there anything else i need?

i know i will also need to modify the tailshaft to fit and i have heard a couple of ideas about 'bearbox' crossmember???? can be slightly modified to suit (whatever this is) and SLAVE CYLINDER????? also not bothered about speedo


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Okay once again from the very VERY limited knowledge i have it is all a pretty easy swap but i think the 'yoke' needs to be shortened??????!!!

Good source of knowledge for conversions to Cefiro's is this site


Since the Kiwi's get the cheaper RB20e auto versions 90% of the time they all are conveting them! :D

My useless 2c ahaha


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no worries

also from my calls today - the 33 yoke is needed and keep the ceffy tailshaft - just needs to be modified

also all the gear selector etc is interchangable from what i've been told

can also use rb20 gearbox crossmember

possibly need the transtunnel 'massaged' a little wider...

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Ok I've had it done.

Transtunnel is fine. Dont need to touch it.

Obviously clutch, fly wheel etc all the same.

You will need an R33 clutch slave, I got mine new from nissan for $88.00.

Yes you need the R33 yoke, then you need the cef tailshaft, the idea would be to shorten this. However if your center bearing is stuffed like mine, then you might want to look at getting a 1 peice shaft as this is cheaper than replacing the center bearing apparently (lighter also, so you get back some of that extra weight of the gearbox + less rotating mass)

Rb20 cross member is fine, we just moved mine and put some spacers in. You might need an engineer to look at this to make sure its legal. Mine is actually mod plated.

The speedo... You need your red gear off the R33 speedo sender (the one that goes in the gearbox) this then needs to be attached to a navara speedo drive (32702 - 02G17 pinnion assembly), should be about $22-25 new from nissan, this then connects up to your speedo cable like normal. Just test it tho, should be pretty accurate.

Get some of the seals replaced on the box if they need it. You REALLY dont want oil leaking on to your clutch.

Get your fly wheel/pressure plate/clutch all checked out while the box is out. I had to replace mine that was a cost I didnt allow for.

And why does the gear selector matter? Wouldnt your RB25 box come with one? I dont belive we used my RB20 one.

But yeah, once its done your more afraid your crank is going to snap in your poor little rb20 than your gearbox :)

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thats exactly info i needed thanks heaps DD :domokun:

gearbox i'm getting has got yoke etc - clutch was just fitted recently also .

now the hunt is on for a r33 clutch slave

and if its that cheap to get speedo working i'll do that aswell :) - just gotta make sure that red thingo is there

whats it look like? and where?

thanks again - awesome info

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hey, im doing the opposit of you guys in a way. im putting a r32 rb20det in to my rb20e powerd r33. i have the electric speedo. what i have been told is that i need the r32 gtst drive gear. what does it look like and where does it go?


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LUCKILY i got an early model box with push type clutch ;)

When fitting the R33 gearbox, what modifications are you guys doing to the propshaft? We are putting an RB25DET engine and box into my cef and where wondering what the deal is?

Is there a propshaft that fits? Or do you need to make one.



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