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Photo Diary Comeback Special


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I deleted the original Photo thread because it was just too hard to keep 'maintenance' up. Who wants to see out of date pics anyway? I can sum up the original Photo thread pretty easily:

Starts of in my old neibourhood of Higashi Nada in Kobe

Some abandoned AE86 Trueno in a parking lot (which I recieved 28 emails asking for me to send it to AU)

C-West Service Factory tour

Nishinomiya area pics

Tokyo Auto Salon 2004

Osaka Auto Messe 2004

SuperAutobacs w00w Port City car showoff 2004

Nismo Festival 2003

Osaka Auto Messe 2005

Central Circuit 'Option Magazine Phot shoot' private session

Central Circuit '7s Meeting' RX-7 only track day

SuperAutobacs w00w Port City car showoff 2005

Nismo Festival 2004

It's a bit of a shame really... all that work gone. So here's all my best pics (with captions) and I promise they won't disappear.

All pic copyright Rezz 2006.


Auto Select FD3S at Central Circuit (Option Mag photoshoot). I was up one of the marshalls towers taking this one which almost got me ejected from the venues hehehe.. :/



Endless BRN32 GT-R and my model for the day Asuka... a memorable day for sure.


One of my best 'set shots', it's the Tamon Design FD3S RX-7 under that cosmetic surgery.


Some random 'Lambo doors' FD RX-7... these are a dime a dozen in Japan!!! Whoo hoo!!!! ....not :O


Me driving the w00w Port City SuperAutobacs demo FD RX-7. When I asked for the keys, rather than say 'don't crash it', the staff said 'How long do you need it for?'... aaah, 1 year? (personal import)... :O

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Oldskool FC3S at the '7s Meeting' at Central Circuit last year. Had a good day with Laurence on these forums taking pics and being a general nuisance.





Hahahaha... ok you ready for this? I have some awesome stories from Japan.

Ok, the big Caucasian guy? Thats Bill Phelps, the owner of the school I worked for, and CANDIDATE FOR THE PROVINCAL ELECTIONS OF BRITISH COLUMBIA (CANADA) IN 1999. Yes, he was a politician in Canada running for Premier. The other guys? Japanese 'Chiggaz' rappin' it down in a 'Battle' round about the time the movie '8 Mile' came out... just the imputus needed for all those Japanese guys to go shopping for FUBU and Kangol clothes and shit and act badass...

Where? JR Sannomiya Station West exit.

Anyway, after a long drunken teachers meeting one night, we walk past these homies rappin it down... complete with turntables and other homies looking on and nodding their heads in unison. Bill comes up and starts saying 'Can I try?' to which the Japanese say 'Nan deska?' (What?) Bill says 'CAN. I. TRY. ???' then just grabs the mike! He starts doing this stupid ryming rapping which was so hilarious... all a joke of course. Then after about a minute, the Japanese guy grabs the mike and starts doing the big intimidating 'Yo mamma!' type rapping (half Japanese half english) to which all the homeboys were laughing at pointing at Bill. Bill starts to get a little upset and starts swearing at the guys, so I grab him and say it's time to leave. Glad I had my phone with me :/


Another phone pic, this thing stops traffic anywhere...


Heres lame proof that I used to live around the corner from DRFT D1 driver Utsumi Akinori's house. Thats one of the DRFT FD RX-7 drift cars they used early 00's.


HKS Zero R at the 2004 Nismo Festival.

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Nismo Z-Tune S2 before it was 'released' at the 2004 Nismo Festival.


Pic of Umeda, the central CBD of Osaka. That ferris wheel is on top of a multi level mall called 'hep 5'.


Another one of the DRFT cars out the front of Utsumi Akinori's house.


A *real* Tommy Kaira R... at SuperAutobacs 43 in Amagasaki.


Whoops... it's that time of year again. Randy deers in Nara.


My poor old R32... you should see it now :thumbsup:


Now THIS is a used car dealership... GT Net in Nishinomiya.

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I love this shot... Nissan March under a sakura tree in Ashiya, Hyogo-ken.


I told you there are carbon bonnets for Honda Odysseys... :thumbsup:


... but sadly no FRP 'eyelids' available for the long suffering Mitsubishi Legnum. Hey why not just use white electrical tape instead!!!


Japan isn't all new-and-up-to-three-year-old-cars ruling the streets. A Citroen 2CV makes an extremely rare appearance outside my apartment in Higashi Nada.


Street scene in Higashi Nada on a nice summers day.


This is the Hankyu Umeda Station Mall where Andy Garcia had his jacket stolen by the guy on the motorbike then was killed in the movie 'Black Rain'.


Just a normal scene showing the density of housing pushed right up to the edges of the train tracks. It kinda makes you feel sorry for the poor souls who grow up in this environment, what with the noise and all at night, day, morning, evening...

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Trial BCNR33 at 2005 Osaka Auto Messe.


Another one of those Japanese drink machines... whoopty-fuggen-doo.


JZX80 Mark II. Correct offset, camber and wheel width. Trust the Japanese to get it right, every time.


Just a regular train scene. Actually this was taken around midday so it wasn't crowded.


Haha this shot was cool. I was standing with about 30 other photographers all calling out her name trying to get her to look at them, but she decided to pose for the token gaijin... what were the odds? I didn't say shit...


This girl could speak a little English and I gave her a school business card which she ended up going for a sample lesson about a month later.


Like it or hate it, this R32 should've been inside not outside.

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I luv em I really do. FD's are suuuuugeeeeee.


Can't for the life of me think of why this Silvia was trashed so much...? I bet he watched that crappy 'Tokyo Drift' movie.


This photo never ceases to scare me. Why, when she should be concentrating on the show (girls group Azure - Ing's Image girl Yu Saito), is that chick on the stage taking a peek over to where I am... AND WHO IS THAT WEIRD BLOKE BEHIND THE LIGHTING STAND also looking at me?


RB26DETT in a Soarer.


Another well presented S14 with correct offset, camber and width. God bless em.


No, it isn't a Laurel... it's a Cefiro with a Laurel face.


The best looking Accord by far.

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nice photos rez i must say that i obviously didnt get out to the right places as i did see shit in terms of nice cars in tokyo... i guess you had a couple of years to get these photos but the best i saw was a shit load of staega's and a couple of 33's and chasers :thumbsup: oh well maybe i shouldnt have gone on the subway so much lol

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Nagisa Auto BNR34 GT-R at Central Circuit (Option mag private photoshoot)


Nagisa GT-R in the pits at Central Circuit.



Another one of my fave shots. Asuka had already finished the shoot for the day, but I asked if she wanted to go down to Harbourland for some 'glamour' shots (lol) and she agreed. Total professional girl. Incidently she was one of Mercedes Benz Japans 'image girls' last year... not sure what she's up to now.



SuperAutobacs w00w port City FD RX-7 demo car down at Sunshine wharf in Kobe.


Another model, this time it's Atsuko in the SuperAutobacs RX-7. She was with me for about 3 hours but didn't want any cash at all, so I posted about 10,000 yen to her house ($120), about a week later about 10,000 yens worth of 'Meiji Celebration basket' (a basket full of Meiji chocolate, snacks, coffee etc) turned up at my place...

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J's Racing S2000 at Central Circuit (Option photshoot).



These 2 shots are of the Sequential S15 demo car (version 1). If you think this thing is mad, the version 2 was even better... I've got pics of the ver.2 somewhere...


Another Option photoshoot pic. This is the Trial Lancer Evo 7 which was second fastest that day at Central Circuit if I recall correctly.


Bet you can't guess what engine powers this V35...


... the interior, although highly modded, doesn't give anything away...


... an SR20DET :D Nothing against SR's, but apart from lowering underbonnet temps, I can't think of any other reason why you'd dump the VQ in favour of the SR.

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Nismo 270R at the 2004 Nismo Festival.


I'm sure you all know this car... 2004 Nismo Festival.


How much would you pay for one of these badges hmmm?


... the badges were on one of these Skylines...


It's about time Nismo addressed the 1 box people mover segment. Honestly I don't know why they avoided it for so long... everyone know 40-something mum's are Nismo's biggest customer base.


Flatwell S15 at Central Circuit. The camera doesn't do that day-glow yello/green paint justice.


If you ever wanted to know what a Tomei complete RB26DETT looks like in the engine bay, well here it is.


Another fave shot of mine.

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Nice asse... Anyone for a piece of asse? Asse chocolate tastes like sh*t...


Nandaimon gate at Nara. This is one of the oldest survivng wooden structures in the world. If I recall correctly, it's about 1000 years old. At the base of the huge upright logs holding the roof up, the wood has actually worn away, making the base of the upright logs thinner... from centuries of people going up and touching the base... it's truely an amazing small detail that struck me and I'll remember it always.



These 2 poor quality pics (well they were good quality for a phone at the time - early 2004 - 1.3mpix) are of the area just below the Okura Hotel near Harbourland in Kobe. We went up to the restuarant/bar on the top floor to do a photoshoot for an ad for a magazine article about our school.


Going through a 5km tunnel east of Osaka. I was overtaken by an angry man in a Toyota Celsior at about 230km/h... how do I know that? Because I was bouncing off the speed limiter at 185km/h... slowed down to take this pic of course!


After much deliberation and discussion, the executive board members decided that 'Oh Chips!' summed up their tasty fried potato snack the best :D


Tons of bikes. There were a few colleges and offices near by hence the high number of them.

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Links: OF COURSE I do... will post it up tonight.

Richard: Thanks for the props mate, I'll post up a hi rezz version fo the Endless R32 GT-R aswell.

If anyone is wondering what '7Tune' is, it was a failed attempt by me and 2 other guys to make a 'net magazine'. The website is still up, but has been inactive for over a year now.

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As requested the hi res pics:


Endless BNR32 GT-R at Garage Endless 2005



2 shots of the Nagisa Auto BNR34 GT-R... one with cars in the background, one without.

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