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Cam And Ebc Selection

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hey guys, i done a search on this but alot of gibberish, basically i wanted to get some fresh oppinions on MY setup not gtr engines.. im after your oppinion on cams for my rb25, its a build motor and now im on the lookout for the best cam for my car but i still want the vvt to work properly so no big thumperss... basically its come down to the choice between hks step one's--256in 8.8mm/264out 9.0mm or tomei poncams---256in/out 8.5mm ... not sure about mismatching in and out so let your oppinions take place, i have a built motor with head work and a hks adj cam gear in place. my turbo setup is 35/40 turbo on hi mount manifold so power target is round 340kw at wheels... What you's recommend?

Also im tossing up between profec b ebc, avcr and blitz id3. will be running upto 25psi through it if necassary.. price isnt a factor, i just want the better suited one for me...thanks

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AVCR isnt a pich of shit on the ID3, the dual solenoid boost controller are well regarded as the best on the market fullstop (the plain physics behind its operation alone make it superior).

as for cams i have only used poncams in SR's and i can get better results from HKS... on a rb i believe it is the other way round so i cant comment.

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