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    • You can be fully serviced Neo heads for $3000 online, so don’t think i will quite get $5000 for it. I would probably end up just keeping the head for a worst case scenario down the line, best case is i have a new head to upgrade if something happens to the current one in the future, as i imagine these will get harder and harder to find
    • Well, the key thing is still your budget (and time, but you've said you don't have much), and the fact you are happy with the existing 300kw for now. If I were you I'd buy the 5k engine, sell the head (probably for 5k these days as its a 25 NEO), swap your head onto it and send it.  Then, as funds allow, collect parts to rebuild your now spare bottom end properly.
    • Alot of people don’t let others test drive the car, so wasnt a hige alarm bell to me
    • If it wasn’t for the sump leaking it would have got tuned 
    • Well It's the only rb I've had and only turbocharged engine I've had.  I don't really have anything to compare it to. Ran and felt fine before so I figured the 5th thing was just a weird kink due to the gtr box since there's few discussions regarding the gts4 and converting it and anu issues after. I did pull the plugs, and none are melted but they all have a white haze to them except one.  I assume that being the effects of them being lean. The 1 looked normal and had a blackish brown bottom. But all of its on hold now since one of my igniton coil plugs just.. ehhh fell apart into like 30 pieces after plugging it back in and gotta wait to get a new harness for it, I know they're old and brittle but I barely even touched the thing.  I've yet to get a boroscope.   I do appreciate your guys advice I'm just kinda a big noob to all this sorry. 
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