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Could Somebody Please Tell Me What This Is?

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Just need to know what this is and where the hoses are ment to go to? just installed a BOV mounted where original BOV is and got hoses all stuffed up. Boost controller is currently not on car as i want to run stock boost, any help is appreciated cheers

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its the standard boost solenoid. It goes to the actuator and controls the 2 stage boost that the r33 has standard. You can bypass it and run 7psi constant of the actuator instead of 4 then 7.


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Thanks fEkuaR

So the top hose goes to the actuator and where does the bottom one go, cause at the moment im running unlimited boost haha NOT GOOD!

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The original setup had a vacuum pipe going from a nipple (hmmm nipples) on the intercooler pipe to the wastegate on the tubo.

In the middle of that pipe, there is a T-piece with another pipe feeding into the solenoid (top or bottom i can't remember).

The other top/bottom that's left over goes back to another nipple on the intake pipe just after the AFM.

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