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Before this gets deleted: i HAVE searched

My question is:

If i get 2.5" catback (is there a cheap version of this thats just as good as the fujitsubo one?) and coby extractors, sure there will be performance gains (particularly in the low-mid range)... but my concern is, what is it going to do to my FUEL INTAKE :D !! please tell me it won't be affected so I can go ahead with it.

Also, what's a good and trustworthy shop to get mufflers made/fitted in SYDNEY, preferably Westside.

Thanks all

P.S. if you want to see my car its in my profile's gallery

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ive got a 3" Trust full stainless steel catback on my GT and i got a 16.9 kW increase, ive also got custom made extractors on but not sure whether there has been a power gain or not (have not been able to get her back on the same dyno). what you must realise is that getting extractors put on dosent mean you will get extra power, however you will (or should!) notice the car being alot more responsive..i noticed it straight away from picking her up after the getting the extractors put on.

fuel wise i havent noticed a change at all, put extractors should help wit the fuel economy a bit.

hope this helps

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the guy that did mine said it helps with fuel intake ever so slightly

i got 2.25" for my 33 more people said 2.25 over 2.5 when i was researching (prob diff for 34)

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any increase in performance/power is going to use up more energy = fuel

so your FUEL INTAKE CONSUMPTION is obviously going to increase, as to by how much - who knows, it's dependent on your tune, style of driving and associated components.

if you are unhappy with the current rate of fuel consumption, then obviously don't mod the car.

how many liters per 100km is calculated as follows:

  1. fill up your fuel tank to full
  2. reset your trip meter
  3. consistently drive in your regular style until it's time to fill up
  4. check your trip meter (~400-500km??)
  5. check how much fuel you put in at the second fill up
  6. the amount of fuel you put in (liters) divided by the number of kilometers travelled (in km) multiplied by 100
  7. voila you have the amount of liters used to travel 100km

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lol 400kms is about wat i get too, and lol eug.... i can do maths (thanks anyway)... jus wondering if a 2.5" would make a noticeable difference

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