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How Do I Mount This? Lcd Touch Screen


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Hey guys,

I've mounted a few head units in my time, usually pioneers or jvc's which bolt straight in. My new Xenarc fold out touch screen does not line up well with the double-din brackets, can someone pls share some advice on the best way to mount it?

Im thinking either:

(1) drill a couple holes in the bottom of the bracket, although these will be close together and may not provide much support.

(2) make new brackets to replace factory ones, quite difficult

(3) modify existing brackets, weld in a bit of plate to make them wider and stiffer


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That bracket is approx 1mm thick sheet steel, but it has pressed ridges in it - to increase strength and rigidity. Would you suggest increasing the thickness of sheet steel slightly, to ensure the mounts are stiff enough?

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I would go to 1.5mm that would be enough. in comparision ot the OE radio is this unit heavier?

Probably a bit lighter!

Not much to this single-din fold out screen, the double-din stock thing weighs a lot!

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