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Is This Possible?

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Hey Forum just wanted to know if you guys think this will do it. Ok got a r33 gts-t with these current mods, 3.5" catback exhaust with split 3" dump/front pipe and decat pipe, pod filter with heat shield and cold air intake, fmic, boost control running 13psi, and I have an afc neo on the way everything else is stock. I wanted to know if I will be able to attain 300hp or 230 rwkw after I tune it safely with those mods that I have maintaining the stock afm. Can it be done? If not or so what should I expect power wise? Thanks in advance for all your help!!!!

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No chance you will make 230rwkw on the stock turbo.

Having a look in the RB25 Dyno sticky thread would easily confirm this for you.

K thanks was in a bit of a rush forgot about the thread.

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