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I was picking a friend up from civic on Thursday as they got in my car my wallet fell out , about 6 hours later i notice that i lost my wallet , Oh well i thought too late to do anything now.

The next day i got a call from work saying that somebody had found my wallet and to give him a call , so i give him a bell and arrange to get my wallet back , It had about $100 in it when i lost it and to my surprize it still had all the money in it so i went to give the bloke $50 but he wouldn`t take it.

Still a few good people out there

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i did that at home

found a wallet on the driveway late one night behind the apartment block, had over $200 bucks in it. eventually found out the guy lived about 2 levels up from me, and took the wallet back at about 2am :)

he was stoked naturally, and gave me $50. everyones happy :cool:

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Nice one.

There's plenty of nice people out there, and plenty of greedy people too.

Last year, a guy left his wallet at my wife's coffee shop, and it had a police badge in it. :cool:

We imagined what we could do with the police badge.... we returned it to the owner.

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yeh i found a fellas wallet on the mens room floor at the hyperdome a few years back.

I dropped it in at the concierge desk and got a call from him the next day saying thanks a million :)

Really gives you a warm fuzzy helping someone out :D

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Actually, I got a similar story to this.

Was walking in with my sister through civic bus interchange and we walked pasted a shelter with a girls wallet on a seat and a drunk guy about 1 metre away from it. My sister picked it up and it was obvious some girl left it there when catching a bus.

She went through it for contact details and found there was over $1000 in it. She did the right thing and rang the girl up, she was totally drunk and asked her to drive it over to her house, which my sister was kind enough to do. but when she went to her house, all the lights were out and no one answer the door bell. only when she went around the back was when she found the owner, after returning it, she didn't even get a real thanks or reward.

Alot of effort on my sisters part with no much graditute.

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Yeah I reckon aye?! Gees..! I dont expect 50% of the contents, but perhaps an enthused gratification..

I found someone's wallet on the ground at CIT (Reid) carpark.. I opened it to find the ID of a cleaning lady who worked there and abit of cash. And to a multimedia design student, any $$$ helps.. but, something told me not to touch the cash and just to hand it in to the CIT admin, knowing in the back of my mind that if I were to do anything else than hand it in, karma would come and kick me face after stepping in doggy doo.

I handed it in, gave my details in so the owner could contact me, presumably, to thank me. I felt like such a good bloke.

A few days later I had her and some guy in a suit (I think some head honcho from CIT) come to my class, pull me out and made me listen to the cleaning lady accuse me of "missing money". I was angry. I felt like giving her a swift kickbox do the head. But I pretty much said that if I stole cash, I wouldn't hand it in and give them my personal details and to "chin up. fu*k!"

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