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Hello all!

im a nissan noob, I currently have a decently modded AE101 Levin GTZ, has been rebuilt and had a few power upgrades, in general its a pretty hard accelerating car and handles great on the twisties but when it comes to accelerating round a corner with torque and a FWD its pretty gay.. and its at the point its to much power to be wasted on a fwd, love the car but sick of fwd..

I have been looking for a new car for a few months, looked at aristos, VR4's, chasers, bmw's ect but i got to take my mates R31 with modded RB20 with Bee*R and i just loved the power response and top end kick and I just loved the on and off power so iv fallen for a skyline, dont want a 33 as the body of em just dont turn me on, plus they look a bit boaty.. R32 has pretty similar cabin to the car i have and i like the fact i dont have to wait 5 weeks to get a suspension component from NZ or japan and engine parts are getting harder to get..

I was going to look at getting a 32 with RB25 conversion but decided against as i would rather do it myself and know its done right, plus i have heard 25 turbos are a bit weak past 14psi.

I thought of a GTR but insurance scares me a bit not to mention repair bills. so il get a RB20 for now, i have done a bit of research on the motors and fundimentals of the car and im happy with it so thats the path I am heading down..

there is a couple of things i am still trying to find out.. what is the internal strength in the motors like, I understand a 20 head isnt a free flowing head so i think i will stay away from 350+hp but I want to aim for at least 300. is power easily obtained from these motors? what internal components are weak, which are strong ect..

so yeh i will be getting a couple of things fixed on teh levin before I will be upgrading but Im talkn weeks so the hunt continues for that perfect platform :D

sorry for the long story lol

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welcome, skyline is a good choice.

Personally i love the look of the 33 (hence why i bought one) and am completely happy with my engine. Diff is starting to go a bit funny i think, but time will tell.

Enjoy your stay.

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