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Upper Arm Options.

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Hey all. the bushes in my upper A arms are completely shagged and i was looking at what options there are to replace them. Im not really after much in the way of camber adjustment as im already running 2degrees camber. The car see's a lot of track work also. Im after replacement bushes for the stock arms or something else that wont wear out too quickly.

Not too keen on the idea on blowing 500 bucks on a pair of adjustable upper arms also.



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Hey Simon / everyone else :P

I have these available now, in stock ready for delivery.

D-Project Front R32 / Z32 Adjustable Camber Arms $369 Delivered for the pair ;)




PM me for more information, or look out for my new D-Project SALE Thread!

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I previously had nolathane adjustable bushes installed and got about 3 degrees camber out of them.

I now have a set of adjustable upper arms similar to the ones above. They can be made a bit shorter than the stock arms with bushes with the added advantage of increasing the castor.

From what you are saying i think the adjustable bushes will be fine for you. I just can't remember the price of them...Install as a piece of cake as well.

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Have a search under the GT-R'sGTS's.

Specifically they have lots of bits & their replacement bushes are, in a lot of cases, sleeved which will prevent them squeezing out like the Whiteline ones do.

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