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- Wrecking R33 Series 2 -

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Wrecking a series 2 R33!

Not much left of the body or interior, its more engine bay bits and pieces! However if u are aftr anything in particular send me a PM, i might just have it.

Some things iv got are:

- Drift Wing - $180 (SOLD)

- GT badges - $80

- Standard side indicators - $20pair

- APEXI power FC -$1000 (SOLD)

- Full engine plus loom (minus coil packs and turbo) - $1500

- standard R33 gear knob - $50

- Spit fire coil packs - $700 (SOLD)

- Blitz V-power front mount - $700 with piping (SOLD)

- Oil relocation kit plus oil cooler - $400

- Standard full set of Mspec brakes - $400

- Rear tail lights - $250pair

- HKS turbo gt2540 - $1200

PLUS MORE - send me a PM

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splitfire coils are 525 brand new delivered to your door, but pm sent

sorry and thnx for that, then ill drop the price - i will respond 2 ur pm 2mrow arvo when i ask around 4 prices

selling the shell???

if yes is it complied?

Complied - Yes

Shell - cars in the shape of a bananna....

where in melbourne are you?

interested in the gear knob

Location in the western suburbs (Hillside, right behind calder race way)

I would assume 2nd hand as he is wrecking the car..



im not a HE im a SHE




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