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Porsche Cayenne Brakes On A Er34


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Have anyone ever fitted the brakes off a Porsche Cayenne turbo into an ER34? Would love to hear the experience and what is required to fit them in.

Mounting brackets?

Discs - need to redrill holes or get a new set?

Brake master cylinder?

Wheel clearance? 18" offset 35 / 38 ok?



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Done it a few times.

Custom billet adaptors, some minor modifications to the upright to clear the adaptors.

Rotors to suit.

Wheels are dependant on the size of the rotor you choose.

Master you need a 1 inch and a bias valve fitted to the rears

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Risking, if I were to embark on the project, would you be able to set me up with the adapters? If not, who can get it done (website? email?)

Who makes the rotors to suit the calipers?

The rear bias valve is adjustable?

Appreciate some pointers and/or pics of this conversion.

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the one thing i would check on before going ahead woth this project (providing everything else checks out) is how expensive replacement pads are for this style of caliper. I have heard some horror stories about seriously expensive pads for some of this more exotic hardware!!

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actually porsche brakes can be had very cheaply.

Speciafically the cup car callipers.

The cup guys tend to replace them oftern and due to the ever increasing demand for affordable motorsport components the callipers are fairly cheap brand new so 2nd hand ones are really well priced.

For example if you pay more than $900 bucks for a second hand set of 997 cup car callipers you paid too much.

Pads new are roughly a grand for the 997 cup car calliper and they are pagids.

Not recommended for road going use though.

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Just make sure the Cayenne calipers are not radial mount, if they are it makes the whole eercise too difficult.

Also, Risking makes a very good point, i have had that many sets of calipers and brakes setups and finally settled on my 4 pot Brembos simply because they have the best range of affordable brake pads. $1000 for brake pads is nose bleed stuff for most... err for me :D

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