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Throttle Position Adjuster


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So I was having a chat to a mate who is an electronics guru.

I told him how the ecu is programmed to control the throttle of the car, dependant on load and throttle position (the pedal) and explained how i want the throttle open MORE than the ECU is telling it to, by a percentage.

He seems quite interested in doing this and this may improve engine response for us all.

I guess my car will be the guinea pig (lucky i have a spare TB for him to muck around with - and break if needs be) once he has something. I just want to see who else might be interested, and also work out and scenarios this would be bad.

I think during cruise (so an imput while cruise is on to not affect the throttle position), but have nothing else.

Im hoping to make it adjustable, as a percentage of the throttles actual position. ie, 10% more, 20%more. The difference between this and the other kits out there now, is that they affect the TPS (throttle pedal) and not the actual throttle position of the engine like this kit will do.

Any ideas or comments??? this would be V35 and Z33 compatible as well i guess..........

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Ian....no idea's for you but I will tell you one thing.

After I put in the Haltech it is even more noticeable how much the fly by wire takes control.....I have way(WAY MORE) more response at 25% to 60% of the throttle than 100%. I am slowly learning to drive it....but its a F$%KING pain in the arse.....bring back cable I say.....bloody engineers :)

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I agree, there is so much lag in the throttle, the stepper motor is too slow and wont snap open. +1 Bring back the cable.

I dont know if changing the resistance will do anything but its worth a try.

The throttle is too touchy also I find, its hard to stay on 100 as a tiny bit more pedal and im doing 120, cruise control would help but Ive got so many other things to spend $800 on.

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