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Almost As Skyline, But Not Skyline

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Hallo everybody! A long ago I read your forum and decided to be registered for you. From Russia and call me Vitalik. In our Russia that is the Nissan Skyline lovers which 402 passes for 8.5 seconds, similarly there are carried away Drift, many do them simply on your own and it is talked that it is a lifestyle I understand them. If it will be interestingly you here address of our forums in To Russia (www.nismo-club.ru/./forum/). I ride on Vaz 2113, on which set a turbine. It can you it will become interestingly and can leave positive reviews!

In town ride on a 1 bar on races on 2 bars! :blink:

Vaz 2113 turbo tuning goi and entuziast

Engine: 78 kolenval of 82.5 porshn, pressing degree 7.6 Head flow, ductings are only extended. Collector by entuziast Turbine Td-05hr-16g-9.8 Yayca on 76mm, receiving pipe on 76mm, further fully direct exhaust on the 64mm jar of jasma is large, but sounds very quietly. Interkuler Greddy Admittance of 70mm + FNS Throttle 54mm Receiver 3 litres Walbro 255, Injector Delphi 525cc Hoses of Samco the Screw-bolt collars et cetera

Box: 11 row the Main pair of p 3.7 Blocking Tripping of Pilenga tenth, fly-wheel of 4kg

Electronics: Sensors of HKS DB are a series boost, egt, t-butters of Apexi RSM Tachometer of Auto-gauge Lambda Tuning of machine of entuziast

Pendant: Bars of bilstein Spring of eibach pro kit Oporniki Ss20

Brakes: Before: LGP R15 ventilated with a perforation the Back: Pilenga R14 the shoe Trees of Feredoo 2500 ventilated with a perforation

Wheels: VSMP Pantera R17 Rubber of goodyear F1 215/40R17 On the races of Toyo R888

Outwardly: Before V-max Back Miller Optician Pro-sport Mirrors of F1 Hood is done on an own sketch. Well and on the salon of similar melochevki such as a handle of kpp Isotta, Sparco, to the digital panel etc










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Now forgive my ignorance, But I had a little bit of trouble understanding your description. What sort of Car is it actually ? It looks a bit like a Escort Cosworth

It is possible to say and so. But it is the Russian machine

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So I am guessing this is what it originally looked like ?

ITs a LADA correct ?

YES! And you quite rights. To it it looked because you laid out a photo.

But as did you find a photo?

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I quite agree, this machine I fully did under itself, because in Russia not able to do good machines from a factory. 2 years and much money went away on alteration and building.

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Man thats a pretty respectable upgrade. I sure hope Transmission,engine,clutch can take this sort of upgrade

The other day did a large boost 2 bars. Cut away a result cog-wheel in a box, 3 a transmission broke ranks. If more than 450 horsepowers of small box do not hold, cuts away a main pair or cog-wheels. :blink:

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That is the toughest Lada I have ever seen. I still think a Lada Niva or a kia sportage with a SR20Det would make an unreal dune buggy.

I want to go to Russia next year, but i think I am going to struggle with the language barrier. Vitalik do many people in Russia speak English?



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Chris i have had a few friends from russia over the years and to be honest at least in moscow most of the big companies speak english perfectly and most of the young people speak english perfectly,Alot of them have to use english every day for work.

Какой удивительный автомобиль, который Вы имеете там, похожий на alot времени, и усилие вошло в ваш создать из Вас автомобиль, Жалость о коробке передач, тормозящей механизмы.

Какой двигатель - то, что какой-нибудь путь? делает любой знает

What an amazing car you have there,Looks like alot of time and effort has gone into your build up of you car,Pity about the gearbox braking gears.

What type of motor is that any way? does any one know,

I dunno about you guys but that car looks like a ET pulsar on steroids.

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You rights in our Russia almost everybody talks on anglizki

So arrive to Russia. That work is done not little, but with transmisiey there be nothing to be done.

I perfected the factory Russian machine in once or twice, on descriptions of privoskhodit of many machines. Similarly in Russia many do so, Rb25 put with transmisiey in Russian Lada car. But it is other history already.



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