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Buying Coilovers For My R34 Gt-t

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Hi guys,

Just curious to find out what people run in terms of Spring rates on their R34 GT-t.

I have a R34 2dr GT-t, and a mate of mine said to go with 10F & 8R

I know of a good drifter he in SA that runs 8F & 7R

I know it would come down to personal preference, but just trying to get ideas

What have people experienced? and what did they think?


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10 and 8 is too stiff. 8 and 7 would be much better and prob understeer less due to the better front to rear balance.

More important than spring rate is getting a set with really good shocks. No cheap shit.

Tein Mono Flex would be perfect


A set of bigger swaybars are also pretty much essential for drift.

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andthing from 6/4kg will work with good thick sway bars and dampers valved to suit on street tyres. beyond that it will come down to personal preference, whether u really feel like u need more roll control or not.

no one can tell u exactly what will work and what wont, drift is so subjective every car needs to be setup differently for each person.

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I'm thinking of running 8F & 6R and they will be Cusco Zero 2E, anyone heard anything about these?

just need to sort out my sway bars, i can find Cusco ones for the rear, but finding front ones are pretty hard. choice is either nismo or whiteline

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