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Help with engine noise


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I just did my first install over the weekend, put in some new splits and an amp to run them... Only problem is that I now have shitty engine noise coming throught the speakers!!! All gear is brand new, Blaupunkt splits and a little 2ch Jaycar Response amp running the splits, new RCA's and speaker wire. Pioneer DEH-P700R head unit. Blaupunkt 12" sub is going in later, when I can figure out how to tie it down :rofl:

I'm not sure if I've set this up properly, but here's how it is;

From the head unit, I've got the remote amp turn on wire (blue one) running down the driver side of the car.

All 3 RCA cables (front, rear, sub) are taped together and also taped onto the speaker wire for the splits. This is running down the passenger side of the car, under carpet/rear seat, passed the battery and into the amp, which is located directly under rear driver's side speaker.

As this was a DIY and learn process for me, I'm pretty sure I stuffed up somewhere...

Should I have the speaker and RCA's going through the driver's side, so it doesn't pass the battery?

Any help would be much appreciated.

Thanks guys,


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and make sure they dont meet at the end near ur amp for as much as possible (:

if u cant help it, wrap some electrical tape around the RCA's for a bit more insulation where they connect to the amp.

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Wouldn't recommend running your RCAs down the drivers side, that's where the factory loom is for all the rear stuff (lights, HICAS, etc.). I installed mine the other day, was getting late so I ran them down the drivers side with everything else - bad mistake.

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Thanks for the word up cooks! So the way I've run the cables should be OK then? I can't see where the RCA's and power wires cross... The RCA's and speaker wire run passed the battery though, has anyone got any pix or can explain how the wire should be setup?

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not sure on skylines but pretty much have ur remote wire and constante on your driver side take of ur kick and door seals and the back seat and run them down the side on the floor under the carpet do the same with the rca's speaker wire on the opposite side of the car if thats not workin then try runnin your rca's down the centre of the car its easy to do on a silvia dunno about a skyline as silvias come undone easly

what RCA's are u using ? if there just your normal once's then that could be the problem but try runnin them down the centre if not luck get some better sheilded RCA's like i said b4 i can sell u mine 4 cheap and there new

good luck

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Booster, yep already done that... Still having problems guys, I moved the amp to a different spot and still no good, tried different RCA leads as well. I even tried running the RCA's from the head unit, out the window, around the car, into the boot and wired to amp - still no good... Also re-rigged up power cable and ground cable location... The power wire is still running down the middle of the car (from head unit, passed gear stick, under console, under back seat and into boot.

Anyone got any other suggestions?

I might hook up my rear speakers to the amp and see if I still get engine noise, at least then I can elimate the problem being the front speaker wires...

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Right oh guys, time to bite the bullet and throw the physics lessons out the window. I'm calling on 15 years of experience as an installer to answer this one...

I have done enough installs (many of which have been Skylines) now that I can confidently add this too the discussion:

1. I have never had any kind of interferance from a remote wires or speaker wires even when they're bundled with the signal cables.

2. You should always run the singal cables perpendicular to power cable when they HAVE to cross.

3. I have installed amps on both sides of Skylines and never had a problem with system noise.

4. Get some DECENT quality RCA's like Streetwires, Stinger etc... ie no Aerpro / Jaycar / Fusion / Schneider stuff - I know this should not make a difference but I said forget physics for a second.

5. Make sure when you bundle up the excess RCA cables you don't coil them into a circular pile - this tends to make them aerials... bundle them in long lengths...

If none of these solve it I'll drive down there from NSW and sort it out for you for free... :P:P

Seriously, sometimes it pays to forget physics and call on experience from real-world experience instead...

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Oh, and there is no polite way to say this so if it's okay with people I'll just come right out and say it; and I mean this with all respect to you guys...

If you start with cheap products like Jaycar, expect problems...

Sorry about my bluntness tonight guys but I have had one of those days where every second phone call today has regarded home installed system noise and the one common thing in all of them has been a cheap amplifier. :P

Thanks for understanding. :P:);)

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Ah, we all have our cranky days! :cheers:

But Fhrx, you do always raise good (and educated) points.

One thing, I'm facing noise trouble too (and yes, it's a cheap amp... but it's an old valve amp so I love it!) - what is the most common noise problem in an R33? In my VL and Patrol I solved any problems I found, now I can't seem to stop the engine noise. It seems to stay at the one volume, changing frequency with rpms.

I generally just turn up the dial a few more notches, but that's really not a solution.

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