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Run It Hard - Takz' R33 Du Ma Mobile

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This is my R33 owned it for about 4 years now from daily to now 99% track car

How it sits




1997 R33 GTS-T Series 2


- Nismo lip

- 4 door foglight and surround

- Front 18x9-1 Work Eurolines (8mm spacer)

- Rear 18x10+18 Rays Gram Lights 57pro

- Type M side skirts

- Trial Rear Bar


- Deep dish steering wheel

- alloy gear knob

- Recaro SR2 Drivers Seat and R34 GTR passenger seat

- Racetech Gauges (oil pressure, oil temp, water temp) <- half installed


- RB25DET making 237rwkw @ 17psi tuned by Unigroup

- HKS2535 turbo

- Greddy Profec B

- Nismo 550c Injectors

- Walbro Fuel Pump

- Z32 AFM

- Nistune

- Ebay FMIC

- Ebay 52mm Radiator


- BC BR Coilovers

- Adjustable arms all round

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So next weekend is another drift day at wakefield park so there a few things i need to get sorted before taking it out.

- Braided turbo lines(slight leak after too much pressure build up)

- finish off gauges

- oil and filter change

- lower coilovers

- replace fuel pump

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Looks good seen it in a few thread look forward to more :)

Cheers i'll try to deliver :)

Looks tough man, any vids?

Not really only just got the new power and getting use to it and taken it to 1 drift day got a few more coming up hopefully get some footage

And heres a problem i have


so from left to right these are all in pairs

Work Meisters 3p 18x10.5-9 skid wheels

Amistad V 18x10-13 skid wheels

Work VS-MX 18x9.5+7 potential steer rims they don't clear my brakes i got extended wheel studs so have to work out what sort of spacer will help me clear i plan on running s14 front so i can get knuckles for more lock

Work Euolines 18x9+7 if i still have clearance problems with the vs mx i'll run these giving me more clearance

Rays Gram Lights 57pro 18x10+18 currently running as steer rims with stock lock don't give too many issues with scrubbing albeit i have bashed the firewall pretty hard

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  • 3 weeks later...

Some photos from the last event by Team RedStage



In other news i've sourced a pair of meisters to match my rear pair so the car will be rocking a full set of meisters.

the final specs are

18x9.5-3 L Disk(these coming from Japan)

18x10.5-9 A Disk

And the next drift event will be at Eastern Creek July 7th can't wait

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Awesome pics car looks angry

Cheers although still got a few things to do get my wheels back on and get my jdl roof spoiler painted

loooks good man cant wait to see more action shots

sweet VHS collection to man got some mighty ducks up in there or what? :laugh:

Cheers Alex! you still got the r33 or have you moved it on for soemthign better?

VHS lol good old days some pokemon!

and my favourite show of the day


Was thinking vintage porn haha


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So there were a few things that needed to be done to the R33 before IDA Wakefield Day. Last event I had problems with the water lines of the turbo leaking after giving the car a thrash. So I sent the car to Dahtone to get some braided water lines. Adam and I picked up the car Saturday morning to go back to his place and prepare it for Wakefield.

Our list of things to do included installing an oil cooler and oil relocation kit and wire in gauges. The oil cooler and relocation kit isn’t a hard of job but you have to be careful that you get the lines the right way or it could mean bye-bye engine. Adam made some mounts for the oil cooler using factory holes which were a plus.


The gauges caused more of a problem in the fact that the ground in the back of head unit was faulty which meant all the combinations we tried to wire the gauges didn’t work. After we had everything done it was about midnight and we wanted to make sure everything was sweet for the tomorrow’s drift day.


So Adam moved Julie’s S14 and went around the block whilst I took the R33 for a quick squirt. I drove out of the driveway and put the car into second gear and gave it a boot, BANG my heart sank and I turned the car off. At the same time Adam just got back from going around the block and he could see a R33 on the side of the road and the devastated look on my face.

We were both worried about opening the bonnet with the unknown destruction that laid beneath it. So I gathered up the courage and popped the hood. Under the bonnet there was no signs of oil and all the fittings on the oil cooler were intact. We then checked underneath the car no signs of oil but what we did notice was a popped off intercooler pipe DOH! We took off the intercooler piping as it was in the way when we were drilling holes to mount the relocation kit. So we limped it back to Adams and tightened the hose clamp and gave it squirt around the block and everything was sweet.


With not much sleep we left at about 7.45am and headed to Wakefield. Lucky for me when we arrived the beginners group was going out soon which meant we had time to unload everything and go through scruitneering in time for the intermediate group session. The first session was out on short track and I must admit that I never fancied this track with past noob experiences, as I collected the tyre stacks front on and took out my front bar.

I took it easy first lap to get used to the track conditions as it consisted of wet and dry patches which is a recipe for disaster if not handled properly especially with the wet grass surrounding the track, which meant once u go in too hot and onto the wet grass there is basically no escape. Second run I went in a little harder into the corner something didn’t feel right as i exited the apex and on the gas to link it to next corner as I try to go to opposite lock I feel pressure that something was stopping me from going onto lock and next thing I hear a knocking sound from the front. I had a bad feeling that the tyre had come off the bead. I went back to the starting grid and hopped out of the car to find that my instincts were right so I took it back to the pits to get it sorted.

Everyone was surprised to see me back only after 2 runs they expected the worst. But fortunately for me I packed my normal steer rims in the car incase something like this happens. With the intermediate session coming to an end I wanted to try get out for 1 more run before the session finished. But as I took the Gram Lights off and Jeff got the Enkei and all I hear from him is “Oh Shit”. I was thinking what else could go wrong and it appears that my Enkei has a massive crack in it about 10cm long. I can now pin point the exact moment when this had happened as I recalled from Matsuri dropping the front end over curb and back onto the track. At this point I pretty much had enough of the day and thought this must be sign that I should just pack up and go home and drift. The only other rims I had which i had choice to use were the Eurolines. These had badly camber worn tyres and slight stretch, and with the events of the day it made it a bit sketchy to use stretch tyres on the front but I had no other choice so we threw them on and waited for the next session.


The rest of the day went smoothly with the car and no more dramas the way I like it. We didn’t really get to do long track, only 2 laps before we were forced back into short track. But towards the end during the intermediate and open sessions they kept letting cars out which meant I got a chance to follow some cars. I had no idea how to enter the corner or follow the car in front as the entry speeds were different to what I was comfortable with.

But when I had a R33 4door up my ass which meant I was lead car and had the opportunity to dive into the corner as I normally do but with the added pressure of the car behind me. This got my blood boiling and I must say I loved the feeling and can’t wait to do more tandems. Also with the day focused on short track it had rekindled my love for Short Track and I can’t wait to tackle it at the next Wakefield Day which so far seems to be November Matsuri.




So my next drift event is Driving Sports Day of Drift at Eastern Creek. I’m excited to tackle this track again especially with the new section added. I think last time I drove on this track would be about 12 months ago so it will be interesting with the new-found power and confidence. It’s also going to be fun as Jeff will have his Sileighty done by then and we shall drift together. Also I need to move around some tyres so I have decent steer rims and also get tyres removed from some rims to prepare them for sale.

The only thing that needs to be done before EC is to replace the fuel pump.

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So got some tyres moved around for EC, noticed that on my 18s i'm getting tyre wear only on one side of the tyre from doing too many right hand corners at Wakefield. Good news is that EC will be focused on left hand corners which means i'll be wearing out the meatier side. After EC i'll change my wheel alignment to dial in some camber to counter this and also fit my big meisters under the guards.

So i got new tyres on the 17s and slapped them on and took the car around the block to make sure everything was sweet. I could hear a really bad scrubbing noise from the back and smell of burnt rubber. So i parked the car and see this


Lucky I bought a guard roller so will be giving both sides a good massage before EC.

Also i think i'll be putting on the 4 door lip back on.


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so ec has come and gone and was one of the best track days i been to so much track time so much tyres burnt

heres a quick gif i made from the photos by Offset Imagery


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So July 7th was the big day that we headed down to Sydney Motorsport Park(SMP) formerly known as Eastern Creek Raceway for drifting on big track. This is th 2nd time that I’ve tried drifting on the big track but first time on the new section and with the new power.

Since Jeff’s Sil-Eighty having a bottom end knock he decided to take his new daily a n/a R33 out on the big track. I’m sure you will get some more info and a build page on this car when Jeff gets off his ass.


When we got to SMP the track activities had already started. Lucky for us we were in the beginners group and they were still waiting to go out. We quickly unpacked our cars and headed to a private driver’s briefing for a brief run down of the rules.

We then headed out to line up for our session. I always really get nervous when lining up but I settle down once I get that ass out.


The track seemed a lot different to the last time I drove on it. I guess it comes down to driving during the day and night also that I was driving reasonably slow last time comparative this time.

Trying to link turns 10 and 11 I must say I struggled a bit which caused me to spin out several times. Lucky for me I was able to stay away from the walls!


SMP is a much faster track than Wakefield and less technical I really enjoyed the long sweeping corners which let you open up throttle as you try to create a smoke show. I can’t wait to drift this track again and work on different lines. The car didn’t have any major problems except for the power steering overflowing everywhere which we will be rectifying with a relocation and cooler.

The next track day is still unknown at this stage when talking to Lee it seemed he might have a Wakefield day in August I hope this is true! I will also be pursuing more lock which hopefully will be done by November Matsuri.

Here’s a quick photo dump from various photographers

Photos by Offset Image



Photos by Kory Leung


Photos by BallrInc


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