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SuburbanStreets.com Cruise # 2


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Hey guys the SuburbanStreets cruise # 2 is coming up soon! :D See here for details:


Currently we are looking for your ideas and so far here is what we have:

Date Sunday August 29

The meeting point at Big W carpark on the corner of Cross Rd and Goodwood Rd.

We could then head up Cross Rd to the freeway for some hills driving.

Not sure where we will end up as of yet :D

There will be maps and cruise notes handed out. :)

Here are some pics of the first cruise :D






Hope to see you all there :D

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Good luck with the cruise, looks like you got a nice varied bunch of cars along to the last one.

I'll put myself in the same boat as some others here and say: thanks, but no thanks. My idea of a cruise is racing through the hills at breakneck speeds with a bunch of very high performance cars and equally high performance drivers (we've never had an accident in the 10+ cruises I've been on). I hate to think what it would be like to be stuck behind a riced up lancer (like the one in the pic) through the hills or worse still at a set of traffic lights.

Each to their own, and good luck with what you do. :P

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Awww c'mon guys... you're all being a bit harsh, but I have to say I love the honesty :)

I know I have out dated tastes, but I just can't stand those UGLY (and heavy) chrome rims on that Silver S2 GTS25t - YUCK! :throwup:

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Hey guys thanks for your honesty :) As much as I may agree with you on other peoples taste in cars we are open to anyone who wishes to come along, no matter how their car drives looks :rofl:

All in all, if your personal taste in cars is enough to warrant you not to come on this cruise that is fine. You are also right in saying that not all of the cars are at the same level of performance thus you may not go as fast as you would like through the hills :)

Finally, if you want to meet a few new people and come on a nice, not overly fast paced cruise, you are more than welcome to come along :)



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Whilst I do agree with the general vibe of my fellow Adelaide SAU members (driving experience and performance comments), I still thank you for including us in your invite Marlon :)

Hope it turns out well mate.

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