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Albany RaceWars Dinner - Saturday March 4

Hank Scorpio

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Albany RaceWars Dinner - Saturday March 4

Quite a few of us will be down at RaceWars next month in Albany and we'd like to organise a group dinner on the Saturday night.

Rustler's Steak House seems to be a non-offensive option so that's where we plan on going - http://www.rustlers.com.au/

I am NOT after an EOI, I am after a FIRM ANSWER as to whether you would like to go, if you are keen your name will be put on the list and a spot will be set for you. I'd also like to get this booked sooner rather than later so once we have firm numbers and interest has died off in the next week or so I'll be making the booking.

Thanks all, can't wait to see you there.

1. Hank Scorpio (Lachlan)
2. shoey85 (Martin)
3. Ash (Martin's wife)
4. z00key (Dean)
5. Beau (Dean's wife)
6. pol1on1 (Mark)
7. Martyna (Mark's wife)
8. ElleAli76 (Elsie)
9. Dave (Elsie's better half)
10. Trev???
11. Senae???

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