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4wd and a-lsd lights on


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Hi everyone,

Car is a r34 GTR V spec. 

Got a problem with my 4wd system. The 4wd and a-lsd lights go on and the car goes into rwd.

There is this ticking at the back of the boot; it is very audible near the reservoir. It ticks every 3 seconds. I think it only ticks when the car is stationary.

For the past couple of days, the 4wd and a-lsd light has not come on so I cannot check fault codes on the attesa unit, however, the ticking is still there.

What do you think? Any info would be much appreciated! Thanks in advance!


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If you didn't get this sorted at the workshop let me know and i can help. Your 4wd and a-lsd light should come on with key at ignition, engine not started. If not you may have blown ABS fuse (driver footwell). Once you have lights back you can put the 4wd control unit in diagnosis mode using a paperclip :) it will flash codes on the abs warning light. R34 supplementary manual describes it all, i went through all this diagnosing a wiring fault in my R34.

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