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What are these skirts? Please!

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Hi people,

I just bought some “Bomex skirts” for my r34 Gtt coupe! Which turns out they are not Bomex and not for my coupe!

anyway seller says they are, and reckons mold was just too small?? Which I think how/what??When other skirts were made correctly!
So I was just asking if anyone knows what they are for??
does anyone want to buy them?

pics are skirts against my car





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Yeah I replied many times, that the mold was for a different skirt! How could they make Bomex skirts then the last one is too small!? Not possible! He kept on saying he prefitted it on r34! 

anyway of course I searched for similar skirts online, I could only find a “cw” style skirt for 180sx. But then there’s the length!

anyway I’m waiting to get his reply as to whether I get refund!

thanks for the suggestion that it may be a rx7. Will have a search online, try to sell them!



just has a look at rx7, UWISSH you’re a legend!

found them they are C West skirts, $700.


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