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instrument panel lower - driver

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my vs2 has a hole drilled in one of the three blanking rectangles that are shown cut out in this picture of a part, online.. it is doing my ocd in.

what were these three possible buttons originally for?

is the lower plastic trim panel in a vspec 2 a different color to a non vs2 bnr34? 

does anyone want to trade their panel without a hole, for one with a hole, and some cash!



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You talking about the bit I circled?


$1 gives you 5 that the holes are not "cut out". They would be "press out". And the chances that they are different colours between a V spec and and normal GTR and even a 2WD car is more a case of $5 gets you 1. All the same would be my first response.

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thanks, yeah press out.

means buying one online - if they have been pressed out already - is no good. perhaps the one I found is for cars with some winter package buttons or something. Just to be clear my three spots have press out blank plastic but one has a neat round hole in it probably for the original alarm or something

so you think the vs2 trim panel is probably identical in color to vs1 or standard? I bought an interior fuse panel cover before, it was too light in color :(

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