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Pin 56 on ECU


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hi all,

Building another R33 gtst.

Almost finished repairing/combining 2 Harnesses' (series 2 auto tail) with Series 1 ECU front half. I found that on the Series 1 plug, Pin 56 (which apparently goes to the TPS according to the manual), is missing completely. there is no pin on on the plug.

If anyone can tell me what 56 is and what its suppose to connect to (maybe series 2 TPS?). That would be helpful. also I really could use the F3 factory plug pinout (not in the manual) if anyone has one.


Thanks a bunch!.

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Thanks 'Torques. for your reply..

yep 30, 38, 48, connected already. thats why i was confused. Manual and various print outs on here suggest 56 went to tps. I also noticed 3 additional wires on the s2 loom for the tps line, which also don;t have a home but they are non essential. no idea what they are for.

Anyone got a F3 plug pinout?



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There are many 'versions' floating around and not everything is documented , especially with S1 S1.5 and S2 (M/A)

Also pinouts vary depending on model / year ... it's hit and miss.


But P56 is solely dedicated to the AT

On R33 S2 there is a 2nd TPS-Switch, it connects 57 and 54, it's the same setup as on the Z32 (I got a Z32 ECU in my R33)

I yet have to find an R33 wring diagram with the TPS switch present ... ;) 






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