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Future WA Car Cruise/Meets?


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Hey guys,

Is there anyone planning to any cruises or meets any time soon? I want to start going but not sure as to where to start so would be good to go out with a few of the people on here.



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    • Definitely keep the thread alive mate. Following with great interest. Where are you located. Would be keen to check it out as you progress. Yes.. the Can performance GCU seems to be the go. A lot more sorted the the HTG so I hear.
    • G'day Guys,  Thought I'd chime in and see if I can revive this thread. So, two years ago, I inherited my late brother's R31 Skyline. Prior to my brother's passing, we had picked up an E90X DCT transmission for our FJ20 powered 1600 build. Anyway, the DCT swap has been on ice since then, because the plan was the use an HTG GCU, but a quick google search revealed many HTG customers dissatisfied with the brand and the support. I've recently discovered CAN Performance, who make a plug-in controller for the DCT and the 8HP gearboxes. Their customer base seen very happy with the performance of the units, some of whom have swapped over from the HTG GCU. So with a controller now available, I'm moving forward with the RB/DCT conversion. The RB is still the factory NA r31 motor, fitted with a VL turbo kit and ecu. I'm currently in the process of upgrading to a Haltech 2500 elite, including DBW throttle. I've also purchased the adapter kit, from the guys at 8speed. Anyway, hopefully the end result is worth the effort and cost. Initial rough estimates so far is around 15k, including the purchase cost of the gearbox. For those who want to follow the swap, I'll update this thread for time to time. I'll do more regular updates with pics and videos on FB and insta. Happy to share the link to those if requested.    Cheers,  Orlando 
    • Looks like Exedy is an Aisin distributor now Still, if I order an Exedy, I want a damn Exedy. Cnuts
    • Hopefully you'll be ok, as your pressure plate is like 1.7ton of clamping force (assuming it's the 10" pressure plate you bought initially)
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