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Hey, new guy here... my teenage son is into drifting, picked up an R32 manual coupe drift car. Trying to learn what I can about it, and work on it together to get it going again (currently not running). It's all a bit daunting, we're coming from dirtbikes so its a bit of a jump to this, definitely out of our comfort zone.


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Hey thanks! Yeah it's a bit of a basket case for sure, very rough, interior is pretty well stripped, no roof lining and A/B/C pillars, sunroof leaks, missing lots of switches and trim etc. Body panels are rough, had a bit of a hard life, chassis rails are pretty well stuffed.

It's cranking but no spark, injectors are pulsing. So maybe faulty ECU, ECCS relay or ignitor??? although I think the ignitor is OK. Or could be a bad earth or fuse or something simple??? It never is... the wiring is a bit 'how you going'. Got an auto electrician coming on the weekend to give us a hand. Can't just throw parts at it, parts are expensive!!!

  • Garret Turbo with HKS rear
  • Tial 38mm external wasegate
  • Spitfire coil packs
  • ARP head studs
  • PWR intercooler, radiator, oil cooler
  • Braided power steering and oil lines
  • Custom welded charge pipes
  • Blitz boost controller
  • PWR catch can
  • GKtech brake hardline delete kit
  • HKS coilovers
  • Bride seats
  • Walbro 460 fuel pump

The blue plate on the engine bay says E-HCR32 and RB20DET 1998... what's the go with 1998???








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Well, for a drift car it looks reasonably well cared for (from this far away). Of course it would be driven hard but the parts are better quality than average and some thought went into the front bar mounting/intercooler etc

You can check the actual build date using the japanese vin (hr32-xxxxxx) here: https://www.amayama.com/en/catalogs/nissan?_s=h

The australian R32 GTR workshop manual has wiring at the rear which covered all R32, so grab a copy of that; recent high quality scans are here: 


I'm not as familiar with the rb20 wiring, but check the earth at the ignitor is well grounded, when the coil pack cover is missing that ground is often forgotten. There is also an ignition relay next to the ECCS relay near the ECU to check.

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Thanks so much for the wiring diagram, that'll come in handy for sure!!

Yeah looks good from a distance, and for a drift car it's better than what I expected, except for the rail condition, I expected that. Bit of bog here and there in the panels but not too bad, we've nicknamed it Bogzilla.

I'll make a new thread after the weekend to give an update, hopefully we can get it running this weekend.


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Haha, yeah parts will become much more expensive than the car in no time.

Decent list of mods and I haven't seen a set of ROH Drift R wheels in a long time! They look great too.

Helluva project, I'm jealous.

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On 19/03/2024 at 12:08 PM, Tim32 said:

Yeah the Drift R wheels look awesome. They are pitted though, wonder if I can fix that somehow.

IMG_3033 Large.jpeg

Looks sandable maybe? I cant remember if its just polished or if theres a coat of something on it.

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