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1993 180sx SR20


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Hey everyone,

Im kinda a n00b so b nice to me. Wondering if u can help me out with a few Q&A

I gots a 1993 180sx, Sr20det, automatic mind you, 48000kms, everything completely stock. Im looking to modify it a little, id like to go to town on it but im kinda at uni so a bit strapped for cash atm, just bought a new set of performance dunlops and that took out alot of the bank account. With that in mind ive asked a few ppl about it, and m told that basically i should get a pod filter hooked up (mercury motorsport qouted me 250bucks) and a blow off valve if i wanna show it off a bit.

Bare in mind, its auto remember so will a blow off valve work ok? Turbosmart says yeah go for it, but ive heard go with a HKS super sequencial. But with driving an auto can the BOV be heard ok and work alright on an auto?

Also, in besides saving for uni payments and crap, ive been told go for a sports exhaust system, but that will set me back like $1500, and i just dont have that kinda cash, so will spending 250-300bucks on just a 2.5 - 3inch tip b ok at the moment?

Anyone give me some ideas on wat i can do for my 180 at the moment that sint overly expensive? any ideas would b great.

also, on another note, im curious as to how much my baby would b worth,

completely stock

1993 180sx




Pearl white

new dunlop performance tires

cd player

blue neons fitted under dash and on rear pillars + strobe light

anyone enlighten me?



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A few years back I owned a 5spd '93 model for just over a year. I ended up putting on a 3" exhaust, very nice gain in power (but oh so droney). It had the factory airbox on it, but I opened up the front of the box, which made a noticeable difference. I also installed a bleed valve and increased the boost to around 10-12psi. This made the car go nicely, but it drove like a V8. I had crap tyres and the Silvia suspension is terrible by comparison to an R32 (which my best mate had and was noticeably faster around corners).

After doing this mods, the car was in desperate need of a tune, which I never did. I sold it in 2000 for $15300 and it was a straight fairly good example, but prob around grade 3.5

My advice, based on your budget, would be to buy some used suspension for the car and make it perform better, before you go making it go faster.


PS I prob won't be back to this thread, if you want to talk more, pls PM

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