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im thinkin of purchasing a turbo kit from UAS but i have one quiry.

they say the manifold is a modified standard manifold with flange, so the turbo sits high mount rather than low mount. now would this manifold be worth getting like would it be ok or shithouse?

if crap how much would a decent high mount manifold set me back?


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hey ben, definetly call that glen guy a call that fatz has been dealing with

Fatz knows what he's on a bout & knows the contacts for good & reliable gear!!!!


tripple g did mine and i must say im very chuffed and you ask for whatever you want

give glen a call 0403606314"""

doesn't hurt to ask, im going too.... ;-)

Check out the pics ben, how sweet will it look once its been sanded back & polished up, thats the shit right there!

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I bought my high mount SS exhaust through UAS bout a month ago for $1100.

It's well made but when it came to fitting it to the 25 head, one of the manifold studs had to be cut back for clearance.

The piping for the external gate is for a 38mm gate, this needs to be changed for a 48mmm gate to suit my engines requirements.

Like most aftermarket parts out there, they are never an exact fit.

The ports in the exhaust manifold were not matched very well to the heads ports. But that didnt worry me as the head was ported and polished and was port matched anyway.

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