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SAU Crew,

Well the end of 2004 is nigh and we have partied hard this year but do we have enough left in us for one more bash.


I know some of you are lined up to go to some partys on this night and others are either searching for somewhere to go or planning a quiet one.

So are we going to party 2gether or are you up for perhaps a recovery party on New Years Day.

Take the poll and lets work something out.

Have you got a suggestion, What's the plan?

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count me in for the day after, i'll be working all the way through n.y.e so im definately keen for the day after, say a bbq at someones place? couple of cases (not for me) and some dead animal sound good. and we can let the public come and watch us and charge 2-bits-a-gander!!! hahaha

anyway, count me in for whatever for the day after, cant wait to see ya'll.

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Still not 100% sure what im doing on NYE... recovery party definately sounds the go but.

Also, even though trivia is finished, I hope some of you are still coming for some drinks/food next Tuesday... our faithful mechanic Ed is keen to come (and he wont be working so he will actually make it this time :) ) so hopefully see some of you there then.

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we went down last year and it went off down on the south beach must have been like 2 - 300 people their only downer was some tool let a couple of ufos off on soft sand :) they went flying into the croud. but yea all in all was a good night even spotted a silver r33 gtr down their

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