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Alleged Group A turbos?


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Hey all, just wondering if my set up sounds right?

95' R33 GTR V-Spec.

60,000 kms

I bought the car 7 months ago with:

Bee R racing front pipe.

HKS super drager exhaust.

115mm thick Trust intercooler.

K&N Panel filter.

And the bigger turbos.

I have since fitted:

Power FC.

Apexi AVC-R boost controller.

Hi flo cat.

It was tuned to max boost of 1.2bar due to the injectors running at 96% and the air flow meters were maxing out at 6000rpm.

The tuner said the turbos looked like Group A's and I do trust them as they came highly recommended

With this set up it made 243.9km at all 4 wheels at 1.2bar.

O.K. I've seen and heard ppl make this if not more power at lower boost from smaller turbos? Is this because they were running at their peak efficiency and mine aren't?

If so, what boost press is peak efficiency for these turbos?

If not, any ideas whats going on?

Any info would be great.


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The injectors are standard and thats why 1.2bar was max.

Just want to know when these and the afm's are up graded, what boost can I run?

and will it be a bigger gain because they are working more efficiently at higher boost?

The diferance between 0.8bar and 1.2bar was 44kw at all four, with another 0.4bar should I get another 44kw, more than 44kw or even less at the wheels?

Or am I just way off?

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That seems about right in my opinion. You should max out at around 300rwkw on a std motor (depending on what spec your turbos actually are). My car makes 270kw at the treads on 1bar, and at 1.3 bar its at 300rwkw. Hasn't been tuned properly as yet because I'm too busy fixing things like radiators, hoses etc, so the maps have only been "cleaned up" just so I can drive it. But once I get it tuned again it should make a little bit more.

If your after more power, fit some aftermarket cams and cam gears. This is what is next on my list. That should net some decent gains.

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