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Vic Rules, Lets Shit On The Lil Guys


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I was in the N.S.W, ACT, Queensland, WA, NT, TAS and SA's forums for the first time today, how sad are those people.

TAS... I heard you can marry your cuz is that true? If so, you people are sick.

NSW... LoL Queer Bastards.

ACT... You’re smaller than Malta.

WA... You guys are so big, yet nothing but sand.

QLD... all you guys wear is thongs and shorts.

NT and SA... Have you guys even seen anything green in your life?

What else is wrong about these States, Vic Rules.

Sincerely, R33GTS25t, shiting on the little guy.

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Hey petal, as a Queenslander, stuck in Vic for the next 4 months allI have to say is Bracks, tolls, EPA, 3 in a row (Bears) and shitty weather.

Now where are my thongs and Bundy?


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Hmmm, having lived in VIC my whole life, I have to say... It kind of sux arse!!! Sitting here 2 days after Christmas, looking out my window at my 'line getting covered in dust and leaves! Thought about cleaning it, but it's pissing down with rain now and about 15 degrees!!! went to the shops earlier on and passed a Knox pig looking over a black Silvia on Stud Road --- MERRY CHRISTMAS mate!!! Well, thats my opinion for today... sorry guys! But, yeah, I spose VIC is better than up North, where scantily clad, beautiful young girls run around all day, the weather is warm enough to swim and I won't go on about the other 'Lil' guys, coz I'm getting depressed. :Bang:

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