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Strut Braces Group Buy


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Hi Guys

Strut Braces Group Buy 3

I have a friend who imports strut braces and I can get some good deals from him if I buy in bulk. This is the going rate

buy 1 for $70 - I have 3 x r33 front and 1 x r32 front left over from last group buy.

buy 5 for $65 each

buy 10 for $65 each

buy 15 ir more for $60 each

Postage is $13 for 1 and $20 for 2.

Here is the list of strut braces I can get


R33 front strut brace

R32 (incl GTR) front and rear strut brace


s13 front and rear strut brace


Fits JZ80 and 70 series front strut brace


Fits on soarer twin turbo and non turbo front strut brace

If you guys are interested reply to this thread and tell me exactly what you want. It just makes administration work a little easy when it comes to organising everything. Sorting through PM/EMAILs/thread replies and SMSs is a nightmare

Over the next few days/week I will see how many people are interested and let you all know what the cost will be. If everthing goes good I will then need the money from the buyers and I will get the parts and send them out to you guys. If everyone pays up quickly the buyers should get their strut brace within 7 days.

END DATE: 15/01/05 or earlier depending on the amount of buyers.

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Hey Raf

just as a heads up on the one i bought for 2JZGE soarer - doesnt quite fit as the inlet plenum is just a tad too high

tried using some washers under the bracket but the bolts from the suspension wasnt long enough to accomodate it.

will have to modify the brackets to allow for this :)



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sorry to hear about that. My supplier told me it will fit fine. It it a stand plenum? But I guess he did not check it close enough I will tell him that. But I might have a solution!!!

With the s13 sr20 strut braces they fit fine with the the sr20 motors but with the ca18 it hits the plenum slighty. So what we do here is the bend the bracket just before the bolt holes slighty. Put the braket in a vice and give it a slight bend so the bar sits a little higher. If this is not clear let me know and I will send you some pictures. Otherwise I hope it works - let me know.

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