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The Amazing Cyrus (From Driftzone Drift Day)


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Howdy all,.....

Cyrus had a go at being a drift king at the last Driftzone Driftday held at QR.... I was there with a video camera (well ... digital camera that happens to take movie clips) so I took a bit of footage.

I been a bit lazy since then so I hadnt quite got around to putting it together into a little clip, but I found the perfect theme song for it this arvo, so I cobbled together a little something, just for Cyrus :)

Videos here:

http://www.boostcruising.com/members/krawl...deo_(small).wmv (Small, 320x240 1.28Mb - Crap Quality)

http://www.boostcruising.com/members/krawl...eo_(medium).wmv (Medium, 640x480 12.7Mb - Reccomended Download)

No large, cause the camera only films in 640x480 so there was no point enlarging it.

Hope ya'll enjoy :cheers:



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:cheers: man that is the funniest shit.. I've been waiting for this for a while!

that poor R33!! I like the final one.. haha, anyhow, good on you for getting out and giving a try, you were getting a few together there.

Points for trying to drift along the straight there too.. who needs corners! lol

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Thanks for putting it to the theme song I wanted :cheers:

That is awesome! Even got the echo!!!!

Yeah it is HEAPS of fun, will be going next one, which reminds me when is the next one........

See yall out there!!!!!!

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