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r32 gtr

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r32 gtr for sale

if anyone is interested in a 89 gtr with a shit load of gear on it give me a call

parts include:

fully rebuilt motor

motor is at the shop getting full rebuild ($9000)

hks to4r turbo($5500)

hks gt waste gate($2000)

hks high mount manifold ($2500)

hks cam gears

hks turbo timer

hks 105mm think intercooler ($2000)

hks plumbing

nismo regulater

greedy electric boost gauge

greedy electric exhaust temp gauge

greedy twin pillar mount

trust twin airflow intake

trust air filters

apexi power fc($1000)

apexi boost controller

brand new drift r 18x9 mags($2500)

12 months rego

twin plate clutch (just rebuilt 0 km) ($1200)

80 mm exhaust

bilstien suspension (lowered)

red in colour

fully polished motor (top half)

pager alarm system with remote start($1500)


tinted windows

tomei cams

tomei head gasket

n1 oil pump

n1 water pump

vanolia forged pistons

ported head

matched ported manifolds

recondition head

recondition front diff

fully balanced

shot penned rods

arp rod bolts

$38000 phone or sms on 0402919977


will consider trade

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Fixed the link up for you (your link was missing the bit in the middle when clicked on)

Nice clean engine bay, good luck with the sale~

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it made 380 hp at the wheels before i built the motor on a stock computer running 18psi

the motor is now built for 28 psi and 8600 rpm and will have 500 + hp at the wheels.

the motor has only 950km on it so i have not finished running it in yet or got a time slip. sorry guys. i will garranty that it will have 500 hp at the wheels or will knock $1000 off for every 10 hp under 500.ps the car is in tamworth but will travel to meet anyone who is interested or will pay for air fare

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