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  1. ABC Body repairs in Airport West are pretty good
  2. Thanks Guys. These are the photos I have of it. Let me know what you think Cheers
  3. Thanks for the advice to all. Going to go with the AD08Rs. Currently onsale - buy 3 get a 4th free so figured I couldn't pass that up Cheers Steve
  4. Hi All, Anyone know how to tell if the Nismo (also referred to as N1) Bootlips are genuine? Looking at buying a second hand one but seller is not 100% if it is genuine. He said it is made of Rubber (the ABS rubber) and has provisions for studs to fix down, which makes me think it is genuine. If anyone has come across them before, let me know your thoughts. Cheers Steve
  5. thanks for organising!! Good to meet everyone there
  6. Hi All, Getting some new tires for my R32 GTR stock wheels. Will be only street use but want something pretty sticky and also good in the wet Hoping for recommendations Cheers Steve
  7. cheers man! Missed this post, i'll have a look into places listed here
  8. Thanks guys for the recommendations! I've thought about RACQ (or similar) but would prefer someone who specialises in the cars Anyone know of any reputable tuners up there? cheers
  9. Hi All, Looking at purchasing a R32 GTR that is located in Brisbane and want to organise a pre-purchase inspection as i'm in Melbourne Any recommendations on places to take it to? Cheers Steve
  10. thanks all! I'll try enthusiast insurance. RACV wouldn't cover me under the veteran policy
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