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  1. Hi All, Getting some new tires for my R32 GTR stock wheels. Will be only street use but want something pretty sticky and also good in the wet Hoping for recommendations Cheers Steve
  2. cheers man! Missed this post, i'll have a look into places listed here
  3. Thanks guys for the recommendations! I've thought about RACQ (or similar) but would prefer someone who specialises in the cars Anyone know of any reputable tuners up there? cheers
  4. Hi All, Looking at purchasing a R32 GTR that is located in Brisbane and want to organise a pre-purchase inspection as i'm in Melbourne Any recommendations on places to take it to? Cheers Steve
  5. thanks all! I'll try enthusiast insurance. RACV wouldn't cover me under the veteran policy
  6. Hi All, Looking into options for insuring my 33 GTST once it's on club registration Spoken with Shannons and their premium is still as much as what i'm paying on normal rego Just wondering if there are anyother options out there that people know of Cheers Steve
  7. Hi All, Looking at a getting a pre-purchase inspection done on a R32 GTR located in Tamworth Anyone got any recommendations of places that would be suitable up that way? Cheers Steve
  8. Hi All, Has anyone on here used Raw Performance Imports in Vic before? If so, feedback on experience Cheers Steve
  9. Hi All, I've seen alot of posts with people saying they have -5 or -9 twin turbo setups for sale Can someone please enlighten me on the meaning of the -5 or -9? Cheers Steve
  10. Thanks mate, hadn't heard of j-spec before and good to get some feedback from someone who's used them before I'll give Ben a call and have a chat about what i'm after and go from there Yeah, i'm in no rush and prepared to wait for the right car to come long Thanks heaps again Cheers
  11. Hi All, Looking to buy an R32 GTR and weighing up the option of importing one from Japan Has anyone ever used Raw Performance Imports in Dandenong before? If so, were they good to deal with etc? Cheers Steve
  12. Thanks mate. I'll start with them first
  13. Cheers guys, I'll give those places a buzz. Car is in Liverpool I believe
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