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The S13 Silvia I brought back from Japan was a little unique in that I scored a pristine (and I mean immaculate in all it's uncrashed glory) 1988 Q's 5MT for the huge sum of A$700...

lol you #$*!ing bastard it took me bloody months too find a car exactly like that in Japan and have it shipped over but least it was the first of the 2L K's, rest where ho-hum Q's and CA's at the time and original f**kmebabyfactory black. It was owned by a hairdresser, smelled like Taft hairspray which took a month to get out and the stupid bint had dropped nailpolish over the passengers seat, but apparently not driven in anger much, sexual frustration maybe but never anger.

Do like your photos though, pity the first couple of pages are bandwidth exceeded one though ;)

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