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  1. Hi, do you still have any of these?
  2. Sorry I cannot find it, it was the guys at VON Bibra Holden on the Gold Coast that sent it to me, maybe drop them a line, they are really good with Stagea parts, also maybe ask at http://www.nissanparts.com.au/stagea_nissan/nissan_stagea.html when you complete this form you end up being contacted by VON Bibra Holden. Hope this helps.
  3. I did have one, I'll have a look.
  4. Stagea M35 Key required Hey all, I managed to bend the key whilst I was walking past the car (key was in the door) I've seen keys on eBay for $159 but I've also seen them for $70, so I can't pay $159! Anyone got new keys they can get their hands on? Can pay PayPal Thanks Micah
  5. I ordered my Stagea control arm bushes from SuperPro in Brisbane online, they were a great help! I did also find some on ebay here... http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/SUPERPRO-FOR-NISSAN-STAGEA-M35-AWD-RWD-Control-Arm-Lower-Inner-Bush-Kit-/141973305710?hash=item210e44b96e:g:4QoAAOSwaZdXID5Y You can also order direct from Nissan Online and have them shipped straight to you here... http://www.nissanparts.com.au/stagea_nissan/nissan_stagea.html they are great too! Often they have the parts locally they can send to you pretty quick. I'm not sure about making them yourself, but I did have a mechanic offer to make them for me when I could not find them so it must be able to be done. Cheers Stagea Brother!
  6. Hey All, I'm having some issues with the climate control in my M35 Nissan Stagea 2001 ARX; When I use the "Auto Econ" button and set the temp to say 18, the A/C comes on (as expected) and cools the car down well... if I set the temp to 18.5 Deg (or anything higher) the heater will come on and heat the car to well passed 18 deg??? I do not understand why the heater would come on at all, it's a pain when it's 30 degrees out and the inside gets too cold and you want to take the edge off, and the heaters come on with force. Anyone know what's going on? Is there anyway I can reset the system?? Thanks
  7. I was at an import yard back in November last year, and they had someone that they took their cars to as they all had Japanese writing on the buttons, the owner of the yard said it was about $200 to have it converted.
  8. Thanks lads! I've got Bursons ordering the part from SuperPro for me, I'll let you know how it all goes.
  9. Yea thanks for that bigkevracer SuperPro had it, but could not sell it to me direct, but it seems I can get it from Bursons Auto. have a rad one!
  10. I also found this part number SPF3298K it's a SuperPro Lower control arm bush, front control arm lower bush.
  11. Yes I am in the same boat, but when I contacted nissan they want to order the entire control arm and not just the bush! Nissan want to charge $400 for one side! I'm despirately trying to locate someone who can sell me just the rear bush in the front lower control arm but it's proving to be harder than I thought. I've tried a few places but they only have them for the 2 wheel drive version or only the M34 where I have the M35 AWD Cheers Micah
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