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  1. Sovereign337

    Ok guys bit of a pickle, i have figured out what to do with the fire extinguisher but the tow hooks are the next thing for me. Rear is accessible but what to do at the front? Total track newbie here.
  2. Sovereign337

    What do you casual drivers out there do for tyres, go all out with new semis or use your 5 year old streets?
  3. Sovereign337

    Thanks guys, as long as I can be in the old man beginners group I'm in!
  4. Sovereign337

    If you haven't previously held a license, what do you guys recommend? AASA or L2S?
  5. Sovereign337

    Guys I just tried the same with NRMA Vintage, pushed hard. They are flat out refusing to change any existing policies and mentioned we have 1 year left before they stop insuring Skylines altogether. So that pretty much leaves me with a useless insurance policy. Will try Shannon's next.
  6. Sovereign337

    Great cruise and day overall, perfect weather as well. Thanks to all who organised and attended. @GTR-N1 Terry the slow down and squirt message was definitely received, despite the mediocre pace I was still able to get in a few good blasts!
  7. Heritage Display: 1996 R33 GT-R in Midnight Purple (LP2) Highly original and in well kept condition since new in Japan with full Nissan service history and some Nismo options. I plan on keeping my car in the best condition as possible while enjoying the driving experience and maintaining originality. The R33 has always been my favourite GT-R. Factory fitted options from Japan: Nismo S-Tune Suspension Nismo Front & Rear Sway Bars Nismo Tension Rods Nismo 17" LMGT2 Wheels Fitted by me: Series 3 Xenon Headlights Nismo Weldina Carbon Tip Exhaust Nismo Centre Gauges Nismo Titanium Gear Knob Nismo Oil Cap Nismo Mats Nismo Side Indicators Nismo GT-R Spoiler Caps Clear Front Indicators Rear Pods Nistune ECU with standard map and no speed limiter Kenwood Head Unit Future Plans: Nismo Dash Cluster Garrett -7 (N1) Turbos The only engine modification is removal of the boost restrictor and the drivetrain is standard including the clutch. I have enjoyed running the car at the drags a few times, having ran a best time of a 12.6s 1/4 mile so far. I like to take the car out for drives on a regular basis when the weather is good or for a special event or cruise.
  8. Sovereign337

    Looking forward to seeing some pics!
  9. Sovereign337

    I said popping was good, but that's even better! I thought flames didn't occur if you ran a cat and you are right?
  10. Sovereign337

    Awesome vid jebud!! Shame about the Hilux with it's cargo of crates on the back. We must have reached at least 4km/h at the end of that segment
  11. Sovereign337

    Yep an excellent cruise today with perfect weather, thanks to the organisers and attendees! Looking forward to some photos. There was also a black 32 following me up the Pass with a GoPro and I'm curious how the footage came out
  12. Sovereign337

    Great episode! Was a nice story behind it too. Very rarely do we get to see a Skyline brought back to life like that, it was a mess.
  13. Good to see this thread still going strong(ish). Although I think Terry may have moved on from the tally job...