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  1. Keep us updated on your issues/resolutions.
  2. This is one massive thread dig, but I'm glad I stumbled upon it as I now know what rear wing mine has! Seems I have an Aero Selection front bumper (without foglights), Aero sideskirts and rear bumper and a Gialla Sportivo rear wing.
  3. M35, no issues. 18x8 in front with 235/40s 18x9 rears with 265/35s
  4. On this topic, I had my stock struts re-gassed for $66 for the pair in Myaree (WA). Works a treat!
  5. That's some fancy fab work mate! Looks great! Anything else done recently?
  6. Needs another update mate, says I should be a paid member to download...
  7. I have a S2 RB25DET. It makes +-340hp on 0.9bar and just over 400hp on 1.2-1.3 bar boost. Supporting mods are the following: Garrett GT3071R 0.82AR mounted on stock manifold with external Tial 38mm wastegate 76mm exhaust with 2 Magnaflow silencers 600 x 300 x 76 Autobahn 88 intercooler 1000cc DW sidefeed fuel injectors fed by a Walbro fuel pump, stock FPR Stock intake manifold with front-facing standard throttle body Greddy Type RZ blow-off valve Mishimoto R33 radiator, Nismo thermostat and SPAL electric fan Rear head oil drain, winged and baffled sump Link G4 Xtreme management AEM water & methanol injection I forgot to add that it makes full boost by 3100rpm in 4th and 5th, about 3800rpm in 1st gear.
  8. Engine/Car: RB25DET S2, R31 Skyline Type of failure: Broken ringlandings and melted piston on NO.1 Factors influencing the failure: Detonation, it was knocking in the region where knock control was not active, water/methanol injection was not spraying constantly during a high boost run with water temp +-82deg C on inlet side and oil temp around 75deg C in the sump. State of tune of the engine: Stock, unopened RB25DET S2 with about 72k on. Garrett GT3071R on 1.4 bar, Tial 38mm wastegate, FMIC, 3" exhaust, Link G4 Xtreme, Mishimoto radiator, AEM water/methanol injection, DW 1000cc injectors. Suspension and tyres: Stockish suspension, 225/45R17 Hankook Ventus V12 Evo Oil used and service interval: Shell Helix Ultra General comments: From the video I could see afterwards that the water/meth injection light was flickering (instead of constant on) during a 1.4bar run from 1st gear through to 5th, on my gearchange from 4th I noticed blue smoke in the mirror, engine still ran fine, made boost etc. Got home, saw that it pushed the dipstick out, oil all over the engine bay and oil out the air filter as well. Did compression test and got 300kpa on no.1, 800+kpa on the rest. Took the engine out and stripped, broken ringlandings and melted piston on no.1. Getting rebuilt with CP pistons, RB26 rods, ACL bearings, ARP head studs and Cometic HG now, also crank collar to save the oil pump.
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