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  1. My cars in pieces but these are the ones I know off hand . 160v = 60l left .820v = 34.2l left
  2. I may end up in the "lost half my car due to my wife leaving me" club if i did that
  3. Small update! I've swapped the head studs on the car, first time doing that, have a whole thread on that experience... It's scary doing it for the first time, as it makes no sense how those nuts can take so much torque! Few parts have arrived, got a new exhaust manifold from hypergear, it's a standard manifold with an external wastegate fitting. Nice little kit and very good price. Came with a Hyper-gate 45. Unsure yet if I will leave as a screamer or plumb it back. Also while the valve covers were off, I gave them a clean up and painted them wrinkle black. The little parts washer I had made this super easy to prep. Considering how cheap they are, they are definately with the $80 they cost. Also my new venom cat with a 5 inch body arrived, looks to be really good quality and price was very reasonable. Just waiting on some new exhaust studs, some parts to block off my internal wastegate and then I'll start putting the car back together and hopefully get it retuned and meet my new power goals also got a full genuine Nissan gasket kit, amazing how much cheaper it is to buy it as a full kit, was around 245 and comes with everything except the half moons. Was going to cost me more than that just to buy the turbo gaskets, copper washers, intake gasket and cam seals seperately... So at least I have spares of all the seals I haven't replaced now, including a head gasket.
  4. ooooo thats good to know! makes life that little easier thanks for the screenshot of the haltech settings, that will make life a lot a simpler.
  5. Thanks so much for the tables! i ordered the kit last night so its in the mail now Also randomly onsong performance released a youtube clip yesterday on the NZ Wiring kit and they reckon all you need to do is re pin 2 wires (i suck at wiring, hate it so much! but he was mentioning something about swapping the cas and cam wires, i need to watch the video again as i didnt quite get it all). Ill do some research this weekend and im sure it will all make sense.
  6. How did you end up fixing this? I am thinking about the same kit to use with my elite 2500, was there much needed to get it working?
  7. If i was in the US and looking at a daily, I would totally buy a Red 99-04 SVT Lightning. Would blast Life Ain't a Game by Ja Rule with the windows down and go grab car parts with all my mates and stack the boxes high on the roof. I would buy a burnt out targa supra and then build it using a motec exhaust system.... life would be grand, unless there was danger to the manifold. But seriously... i would buy an SVT Lightning or a Raptor
  8. i have a Helical in mine, works super well (R34 S2), if it died, id probably go a 1.5way
  9. I almost had a heart attack with i snapped the shaved down socket on the back of the head.... then i remembered it was more likely to be the dodgy socket i created than the head bolt... was so relieved when i saw the socket snapped!
  10. Got it all done! i have to say i was super worried about snapping a stud or bolt in the days leading up to it, as usually its easy enough to remove and either retap or ignore completely. But with this if anything went wrong it meant taking the head off at a minimum. Anyway first two I did i felt like I was undertaking open heart surgery. Torquing the bolts seems unnatural to put so much torque on such a small nut. But after the first two i wasn't worried at all and got into a good little rhythm. Then i got to the corners, wasnt too worried, came here for help, got some awesome advice, continued the job and got it done with no issues. Overall was a fairly simple job! Super happy its done though, also really happy i invested in a good quality digital torque wrench last year, really makes a huge difference!
  11. Yep I only use 10 tenths in the skyline, but it in bulk when it goes on sale
  12. Have totally come to my senses. Just did the heads studs one in one out. So leaving it unopened and in original working condition shouldnt be an issue at all
  13. I'll have a go tonight and report back. Also interested in the results
  14. I have mine at $32k and pay $570 a year with enthusiast for 4,000kms a year. I was pretty happy with the service so far. No claims though
  15. I think it just looked so tight, I didn't think even grinding it down would do anything
  16. With the standard cams I and no issues using a 3/8inch 5/8th socket as they are pretty slim. And then needed to ground down the socket for the corners... Hopefully I can finish the last two tmrw with just one more socket but pretty happy to have it almost done!!!
  17. Damn thing, need to make another, needed it for the four corners. Got all 4 to 60ft pound, them on the final 90ft pound torque it snapped on the second one. So need to make another for the final 2 bolts
  18. Well.... Did not expect that to work.... Not sure why But all right now! Thanks heaps @GTSBoy
  19. Hey! So I've been swapping my head bolts to arp2000 studs all has been going great till I got to the front of the engine. For noting I am doing this with the cams in the engine and want to confirm there isn't some magical trick to do this without removing the cams. Basically at the front of the engine the gap between the cams and the head is too small to fit a 5/8inch socket. The old head Bolt removed fine, the new stud went in fine, washer and nut all fine. Just can't get the socket in. Just wondering if anyone has any hints or tips, or if I just need to bite the bullet and remove the cam? Cheers for the help Toby
  20. So have decided I want to chase a bit more power, my goal is 450rwhp, nothing rediculous on E85. Am potentially going to use jem for the tuning, have been in touch with them and they recommended some changes to help achieve my goal. I have removed the blitz return flow and got myself a HPI Spec S front mount, which was available at a very good price. Seems like a quality kit so far. Also my ARP 2000 head studs arrived in the mail today and will be changing them one by one to avoid replacing the head gasket sometime in the next few days. Tao from hypergear is also sending me a stock manifold with an external gate to pop on the car with a 45mm turbo smart wastegate. I already have a Mac boost solenoid on the car. Popping the front mount on wasn't too bad, did require me to move my oil cooler though. Wasn't too bad to change and didn't require any changes to hoses or fittings. Hopefully manifold arrives soon and I can book it in to jem (around a 2 month wait for a tune at the moment!)
  21. Isn't that more an issue for rods? I know it may slightly distort a little, but from what I read noone really cares it's that small
  22. yer i can see how u can get carried away! i think ill just change the head bolts one at a time and nothing else.
  23. I kind of agree with you. The guys I'm looking to use to tune the car want me to do the head studs, so I'll do that but will keep the head on and replace them one at a time
  24. also would I be better off ignoring all the above and just replace the head bolts one at the time and leave the head on?
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