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  1. do you still need this? i might have one for sale
  2. this is the updated parts list as of the date of this post updated with new parts and older parts sold removed. open to offers, just pm me. Factory Downpipes LHS/RHS - $300 pairFactory Front Upper Arms LHS/RHS - $300 pairFactory DBA Rims + Tyres Dunlop DST600 25% Tread - $2400 Factory Airbox LHS/RHS + CBA Inlet Pipes - $300 pair Factory Fuel Basket, Unmodified, Uncut - $500 Factory BOVs + Piping - $200 pair Factory Washer Bottle - $200 Factory Rear Axels + Stubs - $1500 Factory Upper Intake Manifold - $200 Factory Fuel Rail - $100 Factory Turbo Hard Lines - $80 Factory Springs - $200 (Front and Rear Set) Swift Springs NEW Front / Rear - $400 (Spring Rates - 800/460) Denso 265lph Drop in Fuel Pumps 1500km old - $380 (pair) MPSS Tyres 85% Tread x 2 (285/35/20) + 1 with a nail it in 85% tread throw in for free get it plugged good to go - $800 Factory DBA front lip - $300 Factory DBA Sideskirts - $300 Factory Fuel Pumps Set (2) 13,000kms - $100 Factory Nissan Cheeseburger Boot Badge - cup of coffee lol K&N Air Filters (Used but good nick) - $50 Factory Pearl White Front Guards (Perfect Condition, protected with PPF) - $1800
  3. its not about getting it for cheaper, the newer models have better MFDs, better suspension, more rigid chassis, updated DRL front bar and are faster stock (more power due to turbo inlet is bigger, less restriction = more power) than the older models and a revised gearbox design which means more reliable GR6 Transmission. once you modify it then yes it all becomes the same, but you will have better suspension and better chassis with a newer model GTR if you plan on doing track days. As for gearbox repair, anywhere between $2500-$12,000 depending on if its a "repair" or if you want to "modify" and also depending on whats broken, or what you want to strengthen.
  4. i ran a 10sec pass in my 2012 R35 GTR with just a midpipe, catback, and air filters. everything else was stock. 10.8 to be exact. i didn't even have a tune. so with a tune and midpipe you should definitely do it, though if you were getting it tuned i would do aftermarket air filters, fuel pumps, injectors and downpipes as well at the same time since you are going to need a retune if you get any of those parts later on the quest for more power.
  5. drove R34 and R35 gtr back to back. i never would drive a R34 again. mine makes 550kw atw, runs 9sec 1/4 and still drives like stock. best handling, best power, best performance. manual DCT shift or auto mode for shitty sydney traffic. do i miss manual? "SOMETIMES" im getting older and i am shifting more towards convenience these days. Only reason i would buy a R34 gtr is just to have one as part of the collection. but if i had to choose over both - R35 wins for me every day.
  6. i run the EFR6758R turbos and they are the fastest spooling stock frame turbos you can possibly get at the moment. one guy in the club ran 10.075 @ 140mph and 20" street tyres and another ran 10.026 @ 144mph with drag radials with these turbos on stock motor (but upgraded gearbox) I ran 9.942 @ 141mph on street tyres and a not so perfect run. With my drag radials and a better launch, and smoother run (not hitting redline when shifting lol - these spool quick!) i hope to get to around the 9.5 1/4 but the main difference is i have a built motor so i can run more boost. Cheers
  7. Hi Sorry they actually got sold on Friday!
  8. R35 GTR Stock / Aftermarket Parts Mega Sale Hi selling off all my OEM and any aftermarket parts i have no use for any more. Items are all located in Fairfield, NSW 2165 - can be posted at buyers expense. Factory Downpipes LHS/RHS - $300 pairFactory Front Upper Arms LHS/RHS - $300 pairFactory DBA Rims + Tyres Dunlop DST600 25% Tread - $2500Factory Airbox LHS/RHS + CBA Inlet Pipes - $300 pairFactory Fuel Basket, Unmodified, Uncut - $500Factory BOVs + Piping - $200 pairFactory Washer Bottle - $200Factory Rear Axels + Stubs - $1500Factory Upper Intake Manifold - $200Factory Fuel Rail - $100Factory Turbo Hard Lines - $80Factory Springs - $200 (Front and Rear Set)Swift Springs NEW Front / Rear - $400 (Spring Rates - 800/460)Denso 265lph Drop in Fuel Pumps 1500km old - $380 (pair)MPSS Tyres 90% Tread x 2 (285/35/20) + 1 with a nail it in 90% tread throw in for free get it plugged good to go - $1200Genuine Varis Rear CF Extensions - $500Factory DBA front lip - $300Factory Fuel Pumps Set (2) 13,000kms - $100Factory Nissan Cheeseburger Boot Badge - $ cup of coffee lolK&N Air Filters (Used but good nick) - $50Factory Rear Tail Lights - $400 PM if you want photos but its all pretty straight forward. Cheers Mark S.
  9. Buy a 2011 + and you wont have as many issues as the 09-10 especially with the gearbox. Besides that, just look out for pad/rotor/tyre wear as well this can be very expensive to replace these consumables. Also service on gearbox can cost around $1000-$1500 so make sure you if you buy one of these cars you can afford to maintain it also.
  10. We have completed conversions of R35 GTR Jap Spec to 2015 model R35 GTR MFD We can also convert 2009-2010 Aussie Spec NON-NAV GTR to the 2015 R35 GTR with Nav, bluetooth, upgraded MFD etc. but also requires to send your buttons to get reprinted or converted to be able to use with the new systems. And finally, if you want ENGLISH Instrument Cluster we are getting around this by using a EU Nismo Cluster (in KM/H AND ENGLISH) which last time i checked is around $2000 new + labour installation. thanks
  11. they will be fine up to Full Bolt on. I ran stock BOVs and made 415kw ATW. they dont leak as you cant run enough boost on a stock motor to make them leak as the stock turbos will run out of puff long before then. not to mention the stock actuators on the turbos are only good for around 16psi on top end.
  12. Says who? I daily drove my GTR for a few weeks. Was awesome. Members of the club use them for work and daily drive them as well. i got a work car now so no need to daily mine.
  13. - I know sound is subjective and also hard to really rate via youtube clips and the like, but is it just me or does the 35 sound really underwhelming even with an exhaust? It all depends on what exhaust you have. There are so many exhausts available now i suggest going to a meet beforehand. Some are obnoxiously loud, some sound like trumpets, and some sounds really good. I personally have the Powerhouse Amuse 90mm Titanium Exhaust and Midpipes and it is a very nice exotic sounding exhaust. - For those of you with a MY11 onwards, what sort of gearbox issues are you seeing, if any? I have a MY12, and when my car was stock none. But once you go to full bolt on and E85, expect the clutches to start slipping first. This is around the 400kw mark. To be safe save $10-$15k for a gearbox upgrade with clutches etc. or dont run E85. Less issues with MY11+ Gearboxes than MY08-MY10 due to slight gearbox upgrades from f - For people with at least an exhaust, intakes, tune etc, what sort of power are you seeing and how does that fair against similarly powered earlier model GT-Rs I have gone from stock to FBO. Catback doesnt add power - but it does help with weight. Midpipe, Downpipes, Intakes, Injectors, Fuel pumps will see you around 380kw ATW and will destroy even higher powered earlier model GTRs. 10.6sec 1/4 times easily achievable. Its all in the way with the power delivery and the great traction. - does the gearbox really make up for the extra kerb weight? Yes it does. I do miss driving manual sometimes but im getting older and sitting in traffic riding a clutch in Sydney sucks balls. I rather just switch to M mode and play with the shifting myself when it calls for it. - For anyone who's had a 34 and a 35, what are the pros and cons of each in your eyes. Very subjective question, each to their own. I have driven both back to back, and i would prefer the R35 any day. The owner of the R34 prefered the R35 too Its just newer, feels nicer to drive etc. The only downside i would say of the R35 is not driving manual (i miss it *SOMETIMES*) and the stupid "GTR TAX" which comes into play for this model when you want to start modifying it.
  14. Nismo Pricing confirmed at $299,999 + ORC and Dealer Delivery Orders already being taken, first car to be delivered in Feb 2017, apparently orders are already stretched out to 2018.
  15. too much stupid piping to go to single setup