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  1. GTR's have that effect haha Looking good so far
  2. Nice! I have a good friend who asked me about the Tial housings for the S300's.. I'll definitely be showing him that.. Yeah something a little different to the norm to liven the old girl up and have a bit of fun with. Next up probably going to the 8374 with the twin scroll internal gate housing for the Aristo as I am super impressed with the 9180 I got the other day.
  3. Haha getting there.. Waiting on mostly transmission gear and Haltech gear now.. Definitely keen to get the thing humming away. Should sound tits fingers crossed
  4. Good god this rig has come along way since the first time I saw it not long after you bought it haha. Definitely is going along nicely
  5. Going into my UCF11 Celsior with VVTi 2JZGTE + T56 6 Speed + Haltech Elite 2500 and some e85.. Initially meant to order the 8374 but entered the 9180 in and ordered that instead so I shall see how it goes
  6. Weapon

    Formula 1 2015

    I don't mind it there was solid battling in the back/middle of the pack. Definitely think Hulk is putting together a solid year so far. It was interesting they were saying that they were trying to re do Kimi's Ferrari contract to structure it on performance rather than just paying him huge amounts of coin to do feck all. Definitely agree Hulk would be a good option as a second driver at Ferrari. It's been done in the past in the V8 days when RBR sucked they gave them free reign to develop a better package. Something definitely needs to be done on that front. I'll still watch it though because even when Maldenado doesn't crash he tries very hard to while over taking and I find that amusing haha
  7. ^^^ I like where Reaper's heads at.. Have ordered my 9180 1.05 EW should arrive today or tomorrow fingers crossed
  8. Hi all, Since I no longer have my R33 GTR and they look a little funny on the car I have now I am putting up my QLD personalised plates for sale. Plates read GTR023 As most Nissan guys would be aware all NISMO cars wear the 23 plates in J land and also 23 is Nee San. The amount of crap I get for knowing those facts are monumental. Bought for $550 will sell with transfer paperwork and freight for $500 located Townsville QLD Cheers Marty
  9. Weapon

    Good Tow Cars?

    When I was working for Nissan last year I borrowed one of the STX550 Navara's to punt a car trailer around with the old GTR on it. With the 7 speed auto and the power and torque from the V6 3 litre turbo diesel it drove the same as when it was unloaded. Now I just have to buy one dammit!
  10. Considering the amount of quality top shelf gear in this car not to mention the spares/extras that are with the car buying it for mid $40's you'd be getting a fairly good buy considering buying the base car then buying all the gear and getting the work done yourself. Looks like a well set up car from the specs listed
  11. Zac is currently over in Japan so be patient. He'll be back in about 7 or so days from memory. Roll cage is mod plated etc for Queensland and had no dramas with police etc
  12. Don't mean to be more rain on the parade this car doesn't have the series 3 OEM Xenon lights either. It may have aftermarket HID's fitted to the normal headlights though...
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