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  1. Tried calling them a few times over the last week, and it keeps saying the number is disconnected. Does anyone know what happened to them?
  2. awesome also, i fitted the airbox back on today, but can't put the snorkel on since the fmic piping is in the way, technically that would count as modifying intake, but do you know whether its fine? i'd imagine all the r33 gtst guys would run into the same problem, really don't want to be taking fmic off and trying to source a stock side mount... thanks
  3. just got full epa notice, going to go to moorabin for the test. Just wondering whether aftermarket dump/front pipe with stock catback exhaust is fine. I know its fine for the noise (done it before), but i don't know about the full epa test. The only aftermarket parts on the car for the test are going to be the dump/front pipe and a hybrid fmic. What are my chances of passing the emission test considering the car is almost 15 years old (i'd imagine that after time it all starts stuffing up). thanks
  4. That's the wrong attitude. I understand where you are coming from, but as tax payers we shouldn't have to be afraid of being harassed by the police. The worst thing people can do is just say 'that's the way it is, there's nothing we can do about it'. To the OP, its messed up that you got put through all that for a minor traffic offence. But at least now some people know to not say/admit anything to the police. Someone on the first page said that not giving a statement can be seen as being guilty and not showing remorse for your actions. That's not true, that's only the case if you choose to answer some questions and not others (obviously you have to answer questions about who you are and where you live). At least that's my understanding of it... I don't understand how police can give out fines to people without showing any evidence. No video footage or even camera stills. I got a fine for speeding 15km/h over the limit, and there wasn't even a radar detector or anything, just an officer 'judging my speed'. Obviously I'm taking it to court, common sense says that there isn't enough proof... but somehow I don't think that's going to happen (even though I have 4 witnesses in the car). I'm pretty sure that major drug dealers and underworld figures don't get convicted with that little evidence, and they're only flooding the streets with drugs and murdering and extorting people. (yes I understand that going through a massive process for every little fine would be uneconomical, but since you're already taking it to court, the same rules should apply). Just my opinion
  5. +1 isn't that the whole point of F1? I agree that maybe the gap between the top teams and the middle teams should be a little bit closer, but if we wanted to see constant overtaking then we should all start watching NASCAR? (lol i didn't just compare F1 to nascar lol...)
  6. The way you can test whether its the dump pipe is by removing the turbo heat shield, taking the actuator rod off, and seeing if the wastgate opens freely. (push it back and forward to see if its hitting the dump pipe). It'll take you about 5 minutes to test that, if it is hitting something, then its the dump pipe. I started a thread on it a while back in the forced induction forums...(theres a few pictures there aswel if you're unsure what I'm talking about, or you can pm me, I'm more than happy to try and help you out). For the record, I couldn't get mine to work, so I'm still chasing down the workshop that sold it to me for an exchange for a bellmouth one. I know of another person that had the exact same problem and was fixed by changing to a bellmouth design dump pipe.
  7. when are these going to be ready? They look well made, stock look
  8. same here, took about 2 months for my one to come, think it was around 20 dollars.
  9. Just got my roster, I have to work on the 15th guess I'm waiting for the next one..
  10. if i'm not working, i'l come down as well. Never been before, should be a good experience (watch this time around, next time hopefully compete )
  11. RIP Are the passengers alright? Or are their injuries serious as well...?
  12. I filled mine with 3.8l of redline. Only been 250km since the change, so i cant really comment on any difference in crunching/etc (mine doesn't crunch often anyway). Ended up getting it for 22$ a quart .
  13. lol how did you manage to do that? There's a sunroof repair place in Oakleigh, the guy that owns it is a ridiculously nice guy and will go out of his way to help you out. Go there and check out how much it will cost you to fix it. Hopefully you'll be able to find a replacement part somewhere and not have to order it through Nissan. Automotive Sunroof & Trimming Services (Aust) Pty Ltd 43 Regent St, Oakleigh, VIC 3166 p: (03) 95680015
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